Morning Meme: Melissa McCarthy Is Divine, “Kadaffi Goes Hollywood,” and Take a Trip to “Bear City 2″

Savage Garden’s out
Darren Hayes says “I don’t want
to be a gay or a straight artist. I don’t make gay records – I make records. I
don’tDarren Hayes and Richard Cullen want to feel like I have to be a poster child for anything other than
being a great artist. I don’t take that on board as being my responsibility as
a gay man, because I think it’s really limiting.” I do understand what he’s
saying, and he is out, and he’s married. That satisfies the “visible”
request from Rick Mercer yesterday, but somehow saying this seems counterproductive to kids who
need to see someone like themselves.

FX has picked up Charlie
Anger Management sitcom for 10 episodes. But in a bold move,
they’re committed to a full 100 episodes if it hits a certain ratings target.
Making a long-term commitment to Charlie Sheen’s employability takes big brass

Meanwhile, Fox has picked up a script from Ugly Betty’s Silvio Horta about a retired CIA
operative struggling to juggle the perils of suburbia when she’s reactivated
and has to simultaneously take on foreign spies.

I know I’m probably missing the subtle details of Hollywood,
but I laughed at the actress suing IMDB for revealing her real age. But now
the major actor’s unions, AFTRA and SAG have published a letter demanding IMDB remove birthdates
because Hollywood is ageist. And it probably is. But facts are facts people,
and your birth date is a fact.

Glee episode 7 is going to be huge. Yesterday we told you about
a major Santana spoiler, and now we
have a huge new love triangle taking Russell Toveyshape in the episode, along
with a visual I didn’t particularly need in my head.

The Independent has released their annual Pink List of out power players in the UK. As an American, I
only knew two out of the top 10, Jessie
and Antony Cotton. The
ubiquitous John Barrowman places 15,
followed by Will Young. My future
ex-husband Russell Tovey places 49.

It appears that Madonna
will indeed be the halftime show for the Super Bowl, and will debut the
first single off her new album. She’ll be joined on stage by Nikki Minaj and MIA during her five song set.

I spent half my day looking at pictures from the Hallowmeme party. As someone who spends a huge amount of
time online, I have to admire people who can translate a meme into a costume.

Megachurch preacher Joel
seems to think that more love can turn gay people straight. As far as I can
tell, more books can turn Joel Osteen even richer.

VH1 really needs to do some research on the meaning of the word

I think Kaley Cuoco
is an incredible comedic actress, but I watched her host the Teen Choice Awards, and it wasn’t
pretty, even if she was. SoKaley Cuoco I’m less than thrilled she’s taking over the hosting duties for the People’s Choice Awards.

Hackers Anonymous are threatening to shut down the Fox News website over
their coverage of Occupy Wall Street, and probably just being what Anonymous
considers evil.

The American Family Association is turning their harassment of Target over DeGrassi
to One Million Moms, which has never actually been shown to be more than a few
thousand. We may have to start shopping there again just to keep the balance.

Independent MP Rob
in Australia sent in an essay to media outlets opposing gay marriage
that would be bust-a-gut-funny if he weren’t so serious. Calling marriage
equality advocates “heterophobic,” he says ““And just as I
respect gay people’s values and traditions, I ask that gay people respect my
values and traditions. One of those beliefs is that that marriage is a divine
gift exclusively to a man and a woman. I will feel discriminated against if gay
people – a miIndependence Daynority group – try to interfere with my traditional cultural
values and impose their own.”

I’ve never been a fan of the labels on fruit and vegetables.
They either fall off before I get to the self checkout lane, leaving me
helpless, or wash down in the sink and have to be fished out. But
a new label
promises to help with the later. It turns into soap to clean
the fruit when wet. So it even makes fruit more portable.

Fox is going to make back-to-back Independence Day sequels with out
director Roland Emmerich even if
they have to do it without Will Smith. Evidently it’s tough for a multi-billion
studio to afford paychecks for both Smith and Emmerich.Incredibles

But Pixar isn’t going to make an Incredibles sequel until director Brad Bird has a story he wants to tell,
and he doesn’t yet, and they don’t intend to take his baby away to let other
people play.

The Simpsons can still make a fart joke funny after all these years.

Dear UK, please keep these Ecclestone women. We’ll see what we can
do about Justin Bieber or whatever
you want us to contain.

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