Morning Meme: Michael Shanks Headed Back To Television, Ricky Martin Crashes “Glee”‘s Choir Room, and Emmy Rossum Sings For Her Supper

As American networks look north for inexpensive series for summer fair, NBC has set its sights on sexy Canadian medical series Saving Hope. I wouldn’t find it remarkable,Michael Shanks but it stars Stargate’s Michael Shanks, and he always gave me a nerd boner.

Production on Akira has stopped, but depending on who you read, it’s either dead, or just being retooled and rebudgeted.

When I saw a headline that a Dukes of Hazard alumn was joining The Young & The Restless, I assumed it was Tom Wopat or John Schneider. So it was a complete shock to find that Daisy Duke was headed to Genoa City.

Daniel Radcliff tells Parade that “I’m not an easy person to love.” I’m willing to give it a try if he is.

Did you hear TennesAnton Yelchinsee was crafting a bullying bill that says bullying is bad unless you’re doing it for deep-seated convictions? So if your politics or religion says it’s fine to physically and emotionally harm the gay kid, that would actually be fine? And they take the time in the bill to enumerate that bullying is either physical or emotional. They also take the time to enumerate certain classes for protection, and a gay kid arguing against religion would be unsanctioned bullying, but a religious kid arguing against homosexuality would be sanctioned.

We mentioned that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing an unnamed role in the Star Trek sequel. It’s still unnamed, but now we know he’s a villain. So he and Anton Yelchin’s cheekbones can battle it out with phasers.

Jeremy Hooper has found more direct links between the National Organization for Marriage and the Catholic Church, specifically Cardinal Dolan in New York City. It’s only a matter of time until the money trail is found.

Joe FrancisJoe Francis, always a class act, got into a screaming match with a woman he had a minor car accident with. It then escalated to a physical altercation. Francis was briefly detained by not arrested. I don’t know why it surprises me that he would hit a woman.

Ron Paul thinks that people with HIV/AIDS deserve healthcare, but they should have to pay more for it than healthy people since getting it is based on “personal behavior,” unlike cancer, which is a natural thing.

This little story about a brave, loving older brother and a father whose ass I’d like to kick has been making the rounds. I have no idea if it’s true, but if it is, I’d like to buy the younger brother a video game and a spare purple controller for his friend to use. Please, if you haven’t read this, take the 30 seconds to do so.

Lana and Andy Wachowski are pursuing Natalie Portman for the science fiction film Jupiter Ascending once they finish cutting Cloud Atlas. I’m always supportive of more science fiction being made, but I think this means their hard-R gay Iraqi love story is dead.

Justin TimberlakeIf you’re to believe Justin Timberlake’s grandmother, he and Jessica Biel are engaged now. Do grandparents now give statements to journalists?

It turns out that dogs can tell when you’re talking to them directly. Cats probably can, but since they don’t care what you’re saying, it doesn’t mean much.

Rod 2.0 has the details of the New York Liquor Authority moving to shut down the legendary drag club La Nueva Escuelita, which caters primarily to an African-American and Latino clientele. There are claims of racial bias by the owners.

Rick Santorum tries to tell Bill O’Reilly that he hasn’t spent much time talking about gays in his campaign, but even O’Reilly has a hard time swallowing that, and calls out Santorum on being “extreme” in his desire to invalidate already existing same-sex marriages via a constitutional amendment.

In related news, the CDC has a new study saying that straight people have an awful lot of anal sex these days. Just like Broadway, it’s not just for gays anymore!Sam Witwer

Being Human’s Sam Witwer was a zombie briefly in The Walking Dead. It seemed odd for an actor with his name recognition to have such a throwaway part, and it was. Originally series creator Frank Darabont had a plan for a web series starring Witwer as a prequel, but AMC wouldn’t give him the money.

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