Morning Meme: Mila Kunis Travels To Oz, Adam Lambert Parties With Juliette Lewis, and Adele Is a “Natural Woman”

Annie Leibovitz
got together with Vogue to shoot Daniel
for his upcoming turn on Broadway in How To Succeed In Business
Without Really Trying
. Daniel remains utterly adorable and self
effacing in this behind-the scenes video.Daniel Radcliffe

Wingnut Rep. Michele
last year called Americorps “reeducation camps for young
people.” Today, her son rose above his upbringing and joined Americorps.

While the British have endured endless product placement in
American movies and television, it’s been largely forbidden in their homegrown
entertainment. Now the governing body has introduced a logo that can appear on a program if there
is a paid product placement appearing.

Help! James Franco
is under
attack by laser kitties
in what may be the most insane meme convergence in

In today’s pilot news, Minnie
is going to headline Hail Mary about a suburban housewife
who solves crimes with a street hustler. But Alan Tudykmore interestingly to me is that
separately, Alan Tudyk is going to play a supporting role in ABC’s Suburgatory,
about a teen girl moved out of Manhattan to the suburbs. What’s with all the
suburb hate?

Brace yourself: Justin
got a haircut. Do I need to call a nurse  for anyone?

The racy behind-the-scenes video for Terry Richardson’s shoot with Lady
is out. I’ll be honest, if you press play, this might be NSFW.

Glenn Close will not be playing Susan
in a movie. Just goes to show that you really have to watch which
British tabloids you take as a source.

While no role has been specified, reports are surfacing that
Kevin Costner is going to ruin the Superman reboot by appearing in the

That Montana law that would prohibit local gay rights laws
passed by cities and counties? It passed committee vote and is headed to the full House.

Breathe easy: UberTwitter (now UberSocial) has been allowed back on the Twitter network. Can you
boring Blackberry users please shut up about it now?Prius The weekend was unbearable online.

Former Senator Chuck
is close to being named the new head of the MPAA. While
Dodd took some heat for flip-flopping on gay marriage between his presidential
campaign and his Senate race, he did flip in our favor. And the MPAA isn’t the
most gay friendly group. Maybe he can help.

The plural of Prius is Prii.

I can never decide whether to call Matt Doyle “hunky” or “cutie” when I write about him, but in this
case his voice is the important thing. And he’s got previews of his upcoming EP up on Facebook you can
listen to.

My best wishes go out to my friends, acquaintances, former
coworkers, and readers in New Zealand, which was hit by another devastating earthquake last night.
I’ve been to Christchurch, and seeing the spire gone from the cathedral is just

Mila Kunis is signed up to star opposite James Franco in Oz, The Great and Powerful. She’ll
be playing Theodora, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Please remember to vote in the Gay-List for your favorite bisexual and gay male celebrities. My votes are in!

Civil rights pioneer Julian
writes in support of the end of discrimination in marriage
in Maryland.


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