Morning Meme: Milo Ventimiglia “Drones” On, Justin Timberlake Raps, and Is Toby Keith a Liberal?

It looks like I’m going to have to re-learn how to spell Milo Ventimiglia. No, he’s not
dating a teenager again, but he is developing a dark comedy about the drone pilots that
“commute” to the war from Nevada. This is an idea I’ve wanted to see
done for a while, because is it still Milo Ventimigliawar to these pilots, fighting it from
10,000 miles away? How do you take out an insurgent village and then pick up
the kids from soccer practice?

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I quite get this piece on the sexualization of Kurt/Chris Colfer that Seth sent in. He’s hot, women want to bone
him. I want to bone Brad Pitt, but
it’s not going to happen.

There are all sorts of creepy cat stories today, like how they defy physics, which was done by creating virtual
cats, proving my theory that SkyNet is a feline plot. Or how this one cat is immortal, having been euthanized twice and
survived.  We are not the dominant
species on the planet people.

Fox is launching a new writers’ diversity program to include minority talent,
including GLBT writers. But unlike many programs in the industry, this program
will work on developing more mature writers rather than green voices.

Community has cast 3rd Rock From the Sun’s French Stewart as a man who owns a
celebrity impersonator business.

Jon Bon Jovi has opened a pay-what-you-can restaurant. The singer has
always been an advocate for the poor, Jon Bon Jovibuilding houses for the homeless. Now
he’s tackling hunger. You can pay what you can afford, and if you can’t afford
anything, they have work for you. But no one leaves hungry, and those with the
means can leave greater-than-fair-price to help finance the project.

There’s a rumor that the first six minutes of The
Dark Knight Rises
will be attached to IMAX showings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
That’s one way to get people to watch Tom

If the U.K. really intends to suspend “innocent until proven guilty”
to protect the Olympic marketing profits next year, they’ve got bigger problems
with corporate control than we do in the U.S.

It seems that a coalition is coming together with a set of
demands from Occupy Wall Street. Sadly, it seems that they’re basically demanding a Constitutional Convention, which is
completely comical and impractical.

I wasn’t aware that Magic Mike was being financed by Channing Tatum and Stephen Soderbergh
(hence Matt Bomer’sg-string budget” joke). So I’m really glad to hear
that Warner Bros. is going to step in to handle wide distribution.Channing Tatum

Has anyone here tried a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine? And where is the closest one
to me?

Rep. Honda has called for hearings on the increased off-the-books
spending House Republicans authorized to defend the Defense of Marriage Act
using private counsel. He has no chance of actually getting those eharings, but at least
he’s asking.

Linda Harvey
thinks you should file a document with your doctor demanding that if your child
is hospitalized that no gay people be allowed to treat them because we might
indoctrinate them. So sorry about that liver transplant, Johnny, but the only
qualified surgeon is a lesbian.

Meanwhile, Rick
says he will happily die to prevent gay marriage from becoming legal
nationwide. He also says he’d immediately defund all contraception, because you should only have sex
inside a marriage for the purpose of maGraham Nortonking children.

I continue to be surprised by Toby Keith. Shortly after coming out for gay marriage, he’s now for higher taxes if it’s what’s needed to fix the government’s
books, because he’d rather pay more and have a strong America than keep his
money and watch the nation crumble.

Graham Norton says that he’s too old to become a dad at 48. It certainly
didn’t stop Sir Elton.

Vanity Fair’s Brett Berk
talks to Lauren
about being nominated for a National Book Award, and then being

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