Morning Meme: MMA President Gay Baits Reporter, Neil Patrick Harris Is the Fairest and Ali Forney Gets a Windfall

First up, thoughts go out to victims and friends and family
of the violence in London, Ohio,
and Syria. What’s wrong with the world?Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is on a 5,000 calorie/day diet to bulk up to play Superman in Man of Steel. Before you
get jealous, it’s not like he’s eating cookies and ice cream. Protein and
carbs, and brutal multi-hour workouts are required.

Despite the period setting for ABC’s Pan Am, you won’t be
seeing any of the stewardesses smoking.
That was a huge part
of the 1960′s flying experience. And lest you think the show sets back the
women’s movement, the stars say this was the beginning of the movement, with college educated women who often spoke several
languages stepping into the ranks of the employed.

Neil Patrick Harris
is finding time to play the Magic Mirror in A Snow White Christmas on stage
opposite Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis as the Wicked

Starz has signeConnor Paolod a huge deal with BBC Worldwide that will add
$300 million to Starz original series development budget to prod uce programming
for both outlets. I guess Torchwood: Miracle Day is working
out for everyone.

Connor Paolo is likely not returning to Gossip Girl as Eric Van Der Woodsen as his new gig on Revenge
requires him to relocate. I’m sorry to see him go, but I doubt I’d notice.

Air France performs its own bit of diplomacy by refusing to allow a gay man to board their plane for
deportation to Cameroon.

While I don’t support the language he used, I do think Aziz Ansari was remarkably reserved handling a heckler at a show that
was way out of line.Andrew

Final estimates look like Rise of the Planet of the Apes
dramatically outperformed projections with $54 million. Other newcomer The Change Up underperformed estimates with $13.5 million.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
climbed to the #3 slot in worldwide box office, behind only
and Avatar.

Reporters who try to ask Rep. Michele Bachmann about the reparative therapy at the clinic
she owns with her husband are met with a stone wall. As Bachmann says “I’m not
involved in light, frivolous matters. I’m not involved in fringe or side
issues. I’m involved in serious issues.”

Desperate HColin Farellousewives is set to end after this season. Planning in advance will
allow Marc Cherry to give the series
a satisfying end, giving it a “victory lap.”

I think all city train stations should
offer a slide option
. I think one at DuPont Circle Metro in Washington,
D.C. would be the greatest thing ever.

The Ali Forney Center is set for a major expansion, taking over a struggling shelter
for New York City. It comes with an operating budget that will add 77
beds for GLBT youth.

Colin Farrell has revealed his son suffers from Angleman Syndrome, a rare
condition that left him nonverbal.

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