Morning Meme: Mo’Nique Is an Honored Ally, Britney Spears Visits the Castro, and When Chris Colfer Met Sir Elton John

Goodbye to screen star Jane
, who passed away at age 89. While many of the gay blogs have
focused on her right-wing affiliations later in life, we can all agree that she
made some incredible movies in her youth.Nelly Furtado

Mad respect for Nelly
, who says that in light of what’s going on in Libya right now, she
can’t keep the $1 million she was paid for a private concert a few years ago. She’s donating the sum to charity. As for Beyonce, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and
several others, silence.

Gawker has finally admitted there are issues with their web redesign, and rolled out some
changes. I’m still afraid to look. I dropped all my Gawker Media feeds as
unreadable in recent weeks.

I’m really sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen. In the good news column, his crew will be paid for the four episodes that were set
to start filming this week. In the crazy column, he’s suing Warner Bros. for $320 million for stopping production, and suing them to be paid his salary for not working on the
remaining eight episodes of the season.

Chris Jericho DWtSThe cast of Dancing With the Stars has been announced. If these are the best “celebrities”
they can manage, they need to consider that the professional dancers now have a
higher profile than the “celebrities” they book.

The Front View Boys set out to prove that it’s not just girls who have to put
up with being checked out on the street. Guys get their packages looked at all
the time, and not just in the gayborhood.

Mo’Nique will receive the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award at the dinner
in Atlanta. I love it when Mo’Nique speaks out on gay issues, because she pulls
no punches with issues of Down Low, the church, or homophobia in Hollywood. She
totally deserves this.

ABC renewed The Bachelor Pad for another season. Is anyone else afraid they’re really a
terrorist group plotting to breed a super STD to be used in a diabolical plot?

We’ve seen the critics rip Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
apart, but you haven’t read a review until you’ve read a review by a pissed off gay fanboy.

A fundamentalist preacher in New Orleans who protests the gay
party Southern Decadence each year was arrested for lewd acts in a public park.Adam Levine

Cee-Lo Green and Adam Levine have joined NBC’s The
talent show as coaches. Can we make a rule that Cee-Lo has
to wear his Grammy Award outfit for every episode, but Adam Levine can only
wear boxer briefs?

The anti-gay marriage amendment in Wyoming has died a quiet death in committee.

Liberty Media (not the Corbin Fisher one) hit record profits, largely based around the success of Starz
and Spartacus.
A lot of nudity and sex really does a bottom line good.

The last U.S. World War I veteran passed
away in West Virginia
this week at the age of 110.

MarcoOut fashion designer John
stands accused of racist and anti-Semitic remarks in an
altercation in Paris. While Galliano denies the comments and the sentiment, video allegedly of him apparently endorsing Hitler has

Spoilers exist for Teddy
and Marco on 90210. I’d tell you what they are, but it gives away the rest of
the season. All 3.5 minutes of screentime.

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