Morning Meme: NBC Finds Their Wonder Woman, Hawaii Passes Civil Unions, and Adele Is “Rolling in the Deep”

The new Wonder Woman,
the one who has slumber parties, fights crime, and runs a multinational
corporation is Adrianne Palicki. Yeah, I had to look her up too. Her main credit is Friday
Night Lights
, the best show that nobody watched.Adrianne Palicki

Calvin Klein’s young boyfriend seems to think he’s too good for Playgirl
now that he has a famous boyfriend. He may have just accidentally confirmed the
Pink Mafia.

My friends at Bilerico need your help collecting some political dirty laundry in Indiana. Do
your part to stop the anti-gay politicians trying to write discrimination into
the state Constitution.

Lady Gaga claimed the 1000th Billboard #1 single with “Born
This Way.” I have to give it to her, that rushed release, right before the
Grammy Awards, with three days before Billboard named the new #1 was a
marketing coup worthy of Madonna.

CherThe new Three Stooges movie is considering casting Cher as a nun. In fact, they intend to cast Cher as a Mother

The Glenn Beck Conspiracy Generator is so ridiculous, you can’t
tell it from the original.

In Hawaii, both houses have now passed matching civil unions legislation.
The governor is expected to sign it, bringing everything-but-the-name equality
to the Aloha state.

James Van Der Beek
has joined the pilot for Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23.
He’ll be playing a heightened version of himself. The original script actually
had Lance Bass scripted in, but it’s not known why the change is made.

The U.S. government mistakenly seized a domain belonging to FreeDNS, and put up
a banner accusing 84,000 subdomains of spreading child pornography. Most of the
subdomains belonged to small businesses which will likely never recover their
reputations.Nick Jonas

Massachusetts Senator
Scott Brown
revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse by a camp
counselor, and physical abuse at the hands of his stepfather.

With the recent rash of performers dissing Glee,
it’s nice to see Nick Jonas not only saying he’d love to go on the show if the part was
made available, but also that he appreciates that the show is bringing music
back into schools. If he gets a part, I hope it involves a locker room scene,
because that boy’s body is amazing these days.

The new Beavis & Butthead sounds a lot like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for
reality shows. I guess they can’t rely on music videos on MTV anymore.

Lt. Col. Victor
who was outed while defending himself from a bogus rape charge, will be allowed to retire with full benefits from the U.S.
Air Force.

Yesterday we brought you the horrible news that CBS News
reporter Lara Logan was sexually
assaulted while reporting from CMatt Doyleairo. What I didn’t know was that Nir Rosen, a fellow at New York
University, had been tweeting “Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson
[Cooper] … Yes yes its wrong what happened to her. Of course. I don’t support
that. But, it would have been funny if it happened to Anderson too.” Because
two rapes are better than one.

Rosen has resigned his fellowship.

Matt Doyle has an auction going on for two tickets to his new play War
and a backstage tour of the theater.

Saturday Night Live’s Rachel
is writing a book about life after the show, including the
fact that the only acting roles she gets offered these days are “obese lesbian secretaries.”

Matthew Vaughan
is looking to make a movie about retired superheroes who have to help their
Daniel Radcliffegrandchildren save the world after their parents screw everything up.

I have a third piece about Gossip Girl’s Connor Paulo, which means I’ve now
found four pieces about him in two years. Now he’s defending his co-star Taylor Momsen, who’s been under fire for unprofessional behavior,
wild clothes, and a mouth that gets her into trouble. “I miss her dearly. I try
to see her as much as I can, and make it to [as many of her] shows as I can.
She’s one of my best friends. It sucks not having her around. “ As for her
return to the show, “Jenny’s always lying in wait. She could pop out of the
bushes with her machete of eyeliner at any time.”

Daniel Radcliffe has signed on to the indie film Amateur Photographer
about a small town, 1970s photographer.


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