Morning Meme: NPH Gets His Smurf Smurfed, Buy Russell Tovey’s Underwear, and What Would More “Southland” Look Like?

Thomas Dekker,
last seen in a picture with his dog Chewbacca,
has signed up for the Kevin
pilot The Secret Circle.Thomas Dekker

In order to launch a new car, GM built and “parked” a model
of the vehicle made entirely from blue Play-doh on a London street. It
took 10,000 cans of Play-doh to build, and somewhere a child who wanted to
sculpt Smurfs is crying because all he can get is yellow.

The Arctic Monkeys
are putting out a new album called Suck It and See. I’m just
going to leave that there.

Macy’s has signed
off on a movie
about their iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade. Supposedly producers
are aiming for a sweet spot family friendly production more the tone of Elf
or Night
of the Museum
than Valentine’s Day, with a bunch of
stars shoehorned in.

Jason Priestly is going to do a multi-episode arc on Haven opposite hunky Eric Balfour. Slash writers, please
start Eric Balfouryour keyboards.

Assuming Southland gets another season, the plots are sketched out in a rough fashion already. And
nowhere in the sketches did I see “gay” or “love interest” in relation to Officer Cuddleybear.

Evidently only Yanks are interested that Alexander McQueen’s label may design
the royal wedding gown. The Brits are all about which tiara Kate
will choose to wear.

Last year the world’s billionaires got richer. A lot richer. And last
year spawned an additional 199 of them. Meanwhile, unions are being busted and
getting a mortgage is nearly impossible.

When police moved to seize a California pot farm they found a four foot “watchgator” guarding the place. The
animal has been placed with a sanctuary who doubts he made much of a guard
animal, as he’s almost inexplicably mellow.

Charlie Sheen is
suing Warner Bros and Chuck Lorre for $100 million. But it looks like it will never reach
court and go straight to arbitration. For his part Lorre maintains he’s only worried about Sheen’s health.

If you have GLBT parents, Colage wants
to hear from you

Russell Tovey
knows his fan base. To benefit Comic Relief and Red Nose Day, not only is he
off a set visit to one of his shows, Russell Toveypromising to become your
Twitter friend,  he’s also tossing in a
pair of used socks and underwear. Bidding stands at just under £1,100
at the time I’m writing this.

Vivid Entertainment is offering Charlie
a job directing one of their … films. He’ll have total creative
freedom to pick scenes, actresses, locations and positions.

It turns out making your voice heard can change the world. After protests by GLBT activists, a Chamber of Commerce in
Missouri has canceled a speech from the head of Chik-Fil-A.

But at times, some entities are just tone deaf. After expressing regret that Lady
walked away from them and pretending to be clueless as to why, Target is suing Canvass for a Cause, a group collecting
signatures in support of Mario Cantonesame-sex marriage.

TeenNick is going retro, launching a programming block from midnight to 2am
featuring 90s programming (sorry, snicks)
like Rugrats,
That, The Amanda Show
, and Clarissa Explains It All.

Mario Cantone is joining Michael
Patrick King’s
A Mann’s World, starring Don
. Look for an update on the show shortly from Editor Michael Jensen.

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