Morning Meme: NPH Sings For Babies, Thomas Roberts Chats With Joel Burns, and Daniel Radcliffe Is Rich

A new article pegs Daniel
net worth at around $45 million, which is slightly more
than Prince Harry and Prince William. It’s darned impressive,
but are they really taking into account the ridiculous wealth that Prince
William possesses through land titles and such?

So over the weekend the police were called to a laser tag
arena in Canada in response to a complaint that 16-year-old Justin Bieber assaulted a 12-year-old patron during a match. It sounds
awful on the surface, except further reports surfaced that Bieber just
pushed past the kid when he got cornered in the match, like anyone would. Then even
further reports surfaced that the 12-year-old called Bieber a faggot. So now the
headline has gone from “Justin Bieber assaults 12-year-old boy” to “Bieber victim of anti-gay bullying.”

All of this is ugly,
and amplified by celebrity, but it makes me wonder. 1) I suppose words hurt,
even when hurled at a multimillionaire pop star playing laser tag surrounded by
body guards; 2) Laser tag? In 2010? 3) I have concerns that gay media is going
to spin this beyond the bounds that are appropriate; 4) Maybe this will get
Bieber to use his tween influence to speak out on bullying?

A Madonna signed,
Project Runway’s Daniel Vosovic-designed teddy bear is being auctioned off to benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation. I suppose this means that hooker boots
are back in fashion?

American Idol still pulls in the top dollar for a 30-second ad with
$467,617 for a Tuesday results show spot, but Glee is tops among scripted shows with $272,694 to have you pitch
potato chips. Modern Family is third
among scripted half hour comedies with an impressive $193, 635.

Jackass 3D dominated the box office this weekend, getting their
anti-homophobia message out to the tune of $50 million in ticket sales, about
double what it was projected to make. Red
turned in a respectable $22.5 million.

In an effort to reach a more diverse recruiting platform,
the Royal Canadian Mounted Police took out an ad in gay lifestyle magazine Fab. In the past, gays were hunted out
of the service as they were perceived a security risk.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
supports civil unions and not marriage equality. But he doesn’t think the world will end if gays are allowed to
marry. And he breaks down all the 122 “abominations” in the bible, and all 613
commandments in the Torah, most of which evangelicals ignore. A very
interesting read.

Alyson Hannigan
thinks that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are
going to be great parents
. She says NPH is a kid at heart anyway, and is
great with her daughter, even writing her custom songs to sing to her.

GLAAD recently awarded Budweiser an Advertising Award. But
in this essay
, people wonder if the bulk of beer advertising isn’t so heterosexist
and misogynistic that any attempt to say “Be Yourself” isn’t hollow and

Are London’s famous cobblestones disappearing because people can’t walk in high

As it was pointed out to me, this column instructing men how to look their best for sex is
unintentionally hilarious.

Charming Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck said being gay is a choice, even if it has some genetic
factors. You know, like alcoholism.

Nick Adams is on
a roll. Toronto loves him in Priscilla,
Queen of the Desert
. The paper did a great pictorial of the make up job it takes to get
Nick into character. And his hometown Ohio paper hails his Broadway marquee premiere
as a hero’s bounty.

Our Supernatural
man-kissing demon Mark Sheppard is winging his way to the UK for a major arc in the next Doctor Who series. Since Sheppard almost
always plays a character of questionably integrity, it’s probably safe to
assume he’s this year’s big bad.

Tonight at 8PM ET you can catch a live
online virtual screening of Out In the Silence
about the controversy in a small town about the publication of a same-sex
wedding announcement. 

There’s a Twitition to have Emmerdale extend Marc
beyond the spring

This essay is from back in 2005, but in light of the recent
bullying issues, it needs to be read again. You may need a tissue. Scratch
that – you will need a tissue.

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