Morning Meme: Paris Hilton’s “Drunk Text,” Equality Coming to Maryland (and possibly Maine!), and JK Rowling Announces New Book For Adults

Brian J. White, the Dartmouth graduate, former pro-football player, and now actor has come out as an HIV/AIDS activist for Greater Than AIDS, and Rod has all the details and video.Brian J White

While assessing your life, consider that Tyra Banks is now a Harvard graduate.

Of course, we had a couple of highly significant developments in the fight for marriage equality yesterday. The Maryland senate approved marriage equality and sent the bill to the governor’s desk, and he is expected to sign it. That will start the clock for opponents to begin gathering signatures to put repeal on the ballot.

Meanwhile, in Maine, activists have collected enough signatures to place marriage equality on the ballot this year, with new polling showing support growing rapidly.

Idris Elba says his next role is playing Nelson Mandela in Long Walk To Freedom, written by Mandela himself about his early years.

BleachA live-action version of Bleach is moving forward with Peter Segal of Get Smart producing. I’m trying to imagine the effects budget for such a film with the cartoon as a baseline, and it’s pretty extreme.

Brett Berk headed out to New Mexico to take a look at Virgin Galactic’s facilities for space tourism. I don’t suppose anyone has an extra $200,000 they could loan me?

Bradley Manning has been formally charged after years of confinement. He’s facing 22 counts, the most serious of which is “aiding the enemy.” I have issues with Manning’s defense strategy, but I’m appalled at how long my government held him (and so many others) without charges.

Shameless’ (he’ll always be Van the hunk from Reba to me) Steve Howie has been cast in the indie film In Your Eyes.

Reports say that the Mormon church has posthumously baptized Anne Frank as a Mormon. The concept of baptizing the dead isn’t new for the church, but they have had an agreement with the Jewish faith not to baptize Holocaust survivors since 1995.

Hulu intends to stream the Paley Fest panels this summer, meaning you don’t have to be Mr. Fancypants to go see them.

Dancing With the Stars’ Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are speaking out against the show Dance Moms, and the instructor Abby Lee Miller, for how she treats the children, going so far Mark Ballas and Derek Houghas to call it “child abuse.”

The third suspect in the brutal gay bashing caught on tape and uploaded to the internet has been arrested in Pennsylvania and is currently awaiting extradition to Georgia.

The Media Research Center sill has their shorts in a wad over DeGrassi. They’re upset over the transgender storyline, the sex, and now the stepbrother/stepsister romance heating up this season.

JK Rowling has announced that she’s working on a new adult novel, to be published with Little, Brown. Not much is known, though it isn’t believed to take place in the Hogwarts universe.

Judy Blume is crushing on Ryan Gosling. “I could probably be his grandma. [Laughs] But those things never stop.” Does that mean I can continue crushing Josh Hutcherson without shame, even if I’m more than old Ryan Goslingenough to be his father?

Indiana is moving to ban the new gay-supportive license plate the BMV just approved. A new law would allow that “Groups would be disqualified, under the legislation, if they advocate for violation of federal or state law, violation of generally accepted ethical standards or societal behavioral standards or fund individual political candidates. Lawmakers will decide if groups violate those rules.”

Shirley MacClaine is tweeting from the set of Downton Abbey, with such gems as “I have internet but this hotel has no phone service or TV. I feel I am on another planet.” They have internet? And I thought I was an early adopter!

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