Morning Meme: “Partners” Hires James Burrows, Oprah Visits NPH and David Burtka At Home, and “Catching Fire” Seeks Abtastic Star

Maleficent has found its prince in Aussie Brendon Thwaites. But can the young Home and Away star hold his own against an evil queen played by Angeline Jolie?Brendon Thwaites

Director James Burrows, who executive produced Will & Grace for the entire run, has joined with David Kohan and Max Mutchnick again for Partners. Burrows directed the pilot, and will stay on with the series. He’s considered the premiere director for multicamera comedy.

The California senate has passed the bill outlawing reparative therapy for underage people. If it makes it through the house and the governor signs it, California will become the first state to outlaw sexual orientation change therapy for minors.

Slate proposes that comic books are the perfect place for same-sex characters and romance, since most superheroes lead double lives to begin with, and this provides a natural jumping off place for gay characters.

Sky Atlantic is set to show a three part series about gay icons, beginning with a special on male icons who hid their sexuality, like Liberace and Danny La Rue, before moving on to people like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Commentary will come from folks like Julian Clary, Cilia Black, Alan Cumming and Ronnie Corbett.

A surprising villain was spotted on the set of Iron Man 3. I won’t say who it is for spoiler reasons, but most outlets are confused as to how he fits into the plot synopsis that we’ve all read.

North Carolina is worried about things other than gay marriage. Fearing that predictions about rising sea levels could hurt real estate, they’re proposing a new law that would prohibit predictions that fall outside a historical norm, meaning predicting any accelerating rise due to global warming is out.

Russell ToveyMy future ex-husband Russell Tovey forgot to mention our future nuptials in his interview with Shortlist, but he did talk about his upcoming role in Playhouse Presents, in which he plays a footman in the royal palace who was walking the corgis when Michael Fagan broke into the palace in 1982.

On June 14th, Nike will be hosting the first ever Nike LGBT Sports Summit, bringing together more than 30 advocates for the end of homophobia in sports to coordinate their efforts. Organizations will range from Cyd Zeigler’s Outsports to ESPN, bringing together grassroots and corporate thinkers.

Lambda Legal and the ACLU have filed suit in Illinois claiming that the separate but equal civil unions that the state passed violate the state constitution and demanding equal marriage.

If you want to be a James Bond villain, and I think you know I do (complete with minions), you can buy this secret mountainside submarine base in Norway, complete with a dry dock inside a mountain. There is 38,000 square feet of office and dormitory space above ground. It can be yours for only $17.5 million.Benedict Cumberbatch

The Ron Paul campaign (I can’t wait to stop typing that) is upset that the media focuses on the fringe elements of his supporters. They liken it to the media’s coverage of gay rights, saying the media would never feature “Shirtless hunks in leather tutus and motorcycling ‘Dykes on Bikes’ are no longer the point of the gay-rights spear. It’s the gay lawyer/gay accountant, lesbian legislator/lesbian physician–same-sex couples with kids and fundamental concerns about faith, family and freedom–who are now the face of the movement. Focusing commentary on the remnants of the gay-rights fringe is something the media would never do.” Has he seen any coverage of gay life?

Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Khan in Star Trek 2. Who he is playing is still a mystery.

In their efforts to oppose the bill requiring gay-straight alliances be formed in schools, faith leaders in Canada are trotting out the idea that calling something “homophobia” is a slur, and hate speech against people speaking hate speech.

Garrett HedlundSomeone did the math on what it would cost to screen the astonishing 72 hours/minute of YouTube uploads taking place, and found that paying judges their going salary to determine copyright infringement in California would cost $37 billion each year.

The search is on for an actor to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. I haven’t read the books, but evidently he walks around wearing a fishing net around his waist and carrying a trident, so abs are a major requirement. Names being floated include Armie Hammer (hot, but lacking abs and says he doesn’t get them naturally) Garrett Hedlund, and Taylor Kitsch, who could use a guaranteed hit after John Carter and Battleship.

A little local news: AfterElton member Ulysses Dietz (hey Ulysses!) was recently profiled on Check it out, it’s inspiring.


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