Morning Meme: Pixar Is “Frozen,” While “30 Rock” Roars Back, and George Michael Is Headed Home

In what may be my new favorite thing, Venture Brothers has released their annual Christmas carol, which you can listen/download here. The song of the yearMonarch and Dr. Girlfriend is “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as sung by the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, and it’s just as twisted and NSFW as you would imagine.

In Michigan, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed HB4770, which prohibits public employers from providing partner benefits to unmarried partners, effectively excluding gay partners from health care. Happy Holidays!

Betty White is set to host Monday Night Football for the Christmas edition this week. It seems only fair since a couple of years ago being tackled in a Snickers commercial took her career from steady to red hot.

Steve Jobs will be awarded a posthumous Grammy for “significant contributions to music.” This amuses me since just a few years ago the industry was screaming that he was destroying the entire music industry.

People are getting fat. At least that’s what the CDC told the Coast Guard, so the Coast Guard is telling ferry companies they need to allow for an average weight of 185 lbs/person, up from 160 lbs/person. This effectively reduced the number of people who can board a ferry.

Politifact has been under fire lately for their definition of a fact. They’ve decided to respond by saying that since everyone hates them, they must be right.

The AvengersI knew that Sylvester Stallone’s mother could read your fortune by the shape of your butt, but I had no idea that people were working on using detailed buttprints for identification purposes. Soon, your car will know your backside, and no key will be needed. No word on what happens during the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas when my butt changes shape dramatically.

Marvel has announced plans to release The Avengers in 3D, despite the fact that it wasn’t shot in 3D. So much for my enjoyment of that movie.

But buried in that press release was the news that Pixar’s Untitled November 2013 release would be called Frozen. It’s about an Earth where an asteroid never wiped out the dinosaurs and they kept evolving.

The National Organization for Marriage has launched a new scare site, decrying the New York Equality vote and claiming to have raised over $780,000 in days. Considering the size of their donor base, who wants to bet $750,000 of that came from one person?

In a pitch perfect piece, the gay community et all has apologized to disgraced Minnesota adulterer Amy Koch for ruining her marriage, and indeed all marriages, by wanting toGeorge Michael have one.

George Michael is out of the hospital and headed home in time for Christmas. Feel better George! wants you to vote for the best sci-fi beefcake of 2011. You may be over there a while, because it was a tough choice.

Absolut is celebrating 30 years of advertising with the gay community this coming year, and plans to make an event of it. These days, there’s not even a slight rebellion with alcohol companies sponsoring gay events, but in 1981, it was groundbreaking. In marking the event, Absolut plans on a $30,000 donation to Outfest, along with $4 million in advertising targeting the gay community directly.

I think it’s kind of cool that E! put together a gallery of the Top 10 Gay Rights Moments of 2011. They aren’t all the same choices I would have made, but it’s the thought that counts.

Paper Mag has put a bunch of gay porn performers in their underwear, shot them in B&W, and asked them what they want for Christmas, First Lady Michelle Obamabecause Santa is completely sex-positive.  The responses range from funny to thoughtful to damn sexy.

GOP Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is taking a new tactic to implied racism. Of First Lady Michelle Obama he says she “lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.” Gawker has a stunning takedown.

Catholic Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, is upset that the gay pride parade has been rerouted by the city to pass in front of a Catholic church on a Sunday.  Of the priest’s plans to cancel mass he says “He’s telling us that he won’t be able to have services on Sunday if that’s the case. You don’t want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism.” When asked if that wasn’t strong rhetoric, he responded “”It is, but you take a look at the rhetoric,” he continued. “The rhetoric of the Klu Klux Klan, the rhetoric of some of the gay liberation people. Who is the enemy? Who is the enemy? The Catholic Church.”Matt Smith

While we’re at it, ChristWire has a list of the things that the gheys have ruined about Christmas.

But thankfully, Matt Smith has no plans to leave Doctor Who any time soon.

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