Morning Meme: “Political Animals” Serves Up the First Gay First Son, Viking’s Chris Kluwe For Equality, and Louis CK Wishes He Was Gay

The formal announcement has been made for Brent Hartinger’s Geography Club movie. Justin DeeleyIt’s going to star Cameron Deane Stewart, Justin Deeley, Andrew Caldwell, Allie Gonino, Meaghan Martin, Ally Maki and Nikki Blonsky. Geography Club tells the story of teens who feel like outcasts due to their sexual orientation, and the teacher who forms a club for them to meet without suspicion. I’m going to try and talk to Brent in the coming days about the film, and will keep you updated.

Think Progress points out the extreme failure in journalism from ABC News, who took the vacuous Facebook comments against the rainbow Oreo and turned it into a boycott. Now I don’t doubt that someone will try and organize a boycott against Kraft for this, but it hadn’t happened when ABC ran with the story. And if the haters boycott Kraft and General Mills over their support of GLBT rights, well, I hope they planted a garden and started raising livestock, because they don’t have many choices left at the grocery store.

As long as we’re on the topic, Buzzfeed has some mockups about what some of your other favorite foods might look like done up for Pride. Twizzlers was the most natural fit.

Sebastian StanEntertainment Weekly has an extended trailer for Political Animals from USA Network, and it has a deeper look at Sebastian Stan’s character growing up as the first gay First Son in history, including some wisdom from his mother, along with a liplock.

Yet another judge has smacked down the lawsuit from Jennifer Keeton, who refused to commit to the code of ethics for counselors regarding gay clients. He reminds her that “when someone voluntarily chooses to enter a profession, he or she must comply with its rules and ethical requirements.”

Scientists have done a genome study on dolphins to research why they seem so intelligent, and it turns out they share a shocking number of genetic similarities with humans on intelligence factors, including a predisposition to certain psychological disorders like dementia and schizophrenia. But what struck me, as I was clueless, was that dolphins were descended from mesonychids, which were hoofed wolf like creatures, before going aquatic.

The Minnesota Vikings Chris Kluwe has joined the increasing line of professional athletes supporting marriage equality,Chris Kluwe recording radio spots to defeat the constitutional amendment on gay marriage. He also talks about a gay NFL player, and while he’s optimistic it will happen, he still repeats all that machismo locker room garbage that I find so ridiculous in 2012.

Texas, really? This is pretty awful.

As you know, I’m talking to Jane Espenson and Cheeks about Husbands the Series tonight, and you still have a chance to leave questions in the comments. In the meantime, they announced a slew of guest stars for this season, including Felicia Day, Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield and Dichen Lachman.

Minnesota for Marriage, a National Organization for Marriage affiliate, posted a verse from Romans on their Facebook page calling for homosexuals to be put to death. They immediately claimed they’d been hacked.

Buzzfeed has a copy of the General Mills boycott petition that’s being circulated. Boycotting a food conglomerate is ridiculous, they simply make too many brands. But it could help solve the obesity problem.Matthew McConaughey

Meanwhile, the Washington Post seems to think that more companies will target the GLBT community in the same way that Oreo did, because there’s little downside in boycotts that don’t work, and it gets them massive press.

Matthew McConaughey has a ton of movies coming out this year beyond Magic Mike, and most are smaller parts in indies. The one that caught my eye was his role in Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy, in which he plays a closeted journalist “into some rough stuff.” As if seeing Nicole Kidman pee on Zac Efron wasn’t enough to get you to buy a ticket.

The anti-marriage equality campaign in Maryland may have enough signatures to get the measure on the ballot, but they don’t have a ton of cash. In fact, their latest filing shows them more than $80,000 in debt, mostly to the company they hired to gather signatures for their petitions. I’m sure some anonymous donor will come through for them soon.

Yesterday was National HIV Testing Day. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get tested regularly. Matthew MitchamKnowing you status is vital to your health and the decisions you make about it, positive or negative. Walgreens has announced a program in 24 stores for anonymous HIV testing around the country.

On this list of 13 Olympians to Watch, most were from the United States, but of the two global competitors’ names, one was local favorite Matthew Mitcham, who I admit I’m rooting for.

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