Morning Meme: Preview NBC’s “Smash,” Alexander Skarsgård Smolders In “Straw Dogs,” and Will Young Is Adorable

Vulture has an exclusive clip from L’amour Fou, the new
documentary that opened this weekend in New York about Yves Saint Laurent, and it features heavily his long time romantic
relationship with his business partner Pierre

As long as we’re in the fashion world, Karl Lagerfeld has directed The Tale of a Fairy, starring all
sorts of beautiful people. Amusingly, more than one site has said it’s also
known as him saying to Tom Ford “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.”

This seems almost anticlimactic after seeing Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts come out, but Charles
is an ambassador of the sport, and he says “If somebody is gay, that’s their own business.
But it bothers me how people try to say that jocks are not going to like a gay …
I think gay people should be allowed to get married and God bless them, that’s
their own business. Listen, if a guy can’t play, that’s the only time we don’t
want to play with him. We don’t care about all that extracurricular stuff.”

Gus Van Sant is getting standing ovations in Cannes for his new film Restless,
which stars Henry Hopper, the almost
achingly beautiful son of Dennis Hopper.

In late pilot news, CBS has picked up Two Broke Girls (which will likely
be helmed by Michael Patrick King
now that Mann’s World didn’t make pickup) and Person of Interest. They canceled $#!% My Dad Says (which had decent
gay representation), The Defenders, and Mad

It turns out Concerned
Women for America
are very upset about the Google Chrome/It Gets Better ad that aired during American
, making the entire show not “family friendly.” The most comical
line from them about American Idol? “The
point is parents felt secure in allowing our entire families to watch this show.
They lured us into a false sense of security and broke trust with us last
night.” He she ever seen the show, or the ad? And the point is that kids
are killing themselves because of bigots like her.

TV Guide seems shocked to learn that Renly is gay in A Game of Thrones. If only there was
a major entertainment webRenlysite where you could learn about that.

ESPN is weighing in on all the athletes coming out in support of
marriage equality, and how even the backlash, like from certain hockey agencies, is
helping the cause.

Thor was again tops at the box office with $34.4 million, but Bridesmaids
pulled in a totally unexpected $24.4 million, proving women can do gross out
humor as well as guys. Even the unflappable Nikki
is eating crow.

Why England doesn’t need Superman.

You’ll be happy to hear that NBC has contingency plans for both a football strike and a Donald Trump presidential run. For
football, they’ve got cheap reality programming under development, and for
Trump, they’ll just replace him with another CEO.

LiberaceJustin Bieber made
the mistake of arriving at Hong Kong Airport (lovely airport, almost seems too
large for the number of people who use it) during school hours, and Hong Kong frowns on truancy. He
had more body guards than screaming girls.

Oakland artist Chris
is working on a short film reimagining Liberace
as an out, vocal AIDS activist

State Farm Insurance is to begin offering benefits to partners of employees in legally-recognized
same-sex relationships. I’m more inclined to be stunned that a company of State
Farm’s stature doesn’t offer domestic partnership benefits already.


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