Morning Meme: Prince Phillip Flashes the Jewels, Bob Barker Snubbed, and Jimmy Kimmel Pixelates Joe Manganiello

It sounds like the stress of playing Omar got to Michael K. Williams. He admits to severe depression, and having issues Omarbeing “Mike” instead of Omar, plus binges of cocaine and marijuana. “No one who was in my circle, who knew me as Mike, was allowing me to get high. I had to slip away to do drugs. I had to hide it. I’d be gone for days at a time. I was lonely in that part of my life. I was broke, broken and beat up. Exhausted. Empty.”

We showed you that ridiculously bad anti-marriage spot yesterday in Briefs, but it turns out that Gary Bauer intends to run that, and more just like it in battleground states leading up to the election, trying to scare Middle America with marriage equality.

MTV is shifting the start time of the Video Music Awards from the traditional 9 PM slot to 8 PM to avoid a conflict with President Obama’s acceptance speech. No word on if they’ll need to tone down the show for the earlier time slot. I will naturally be livetweeting the ceremony and blogging images on our Tumblr account.

Over at Back2Stonewall, they ask the question if it’s ever OK to retake gay slurs such as “fag” and use them for empowerment. They come down squarely in the no Senator Chuck Schumercolumn. Personally, I think it’s possible, but tricky. I know I’ve done it to varying effect, plus there are some that hit differently in different cultures – I really have zero problem with “queer” and many people identify as queer, but I always get a complaint from the UK when I use it.

Senator Chuck Schumer seems to think it’s possible to pass ENDA sooner rather than later. ENDA to me is the single most important piece of GLBT legislation pending, but I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of it passing in the next 8-10 years under the current political climate.

You really need to go read this piece about a straight man who got unfriended on Facebook by a former coworker for cheering his gay brother’s wedding to a wonderful man, and how it seems to help him understand a little bit about how gay people feel rejection every day. h/t Allan

Jim Carrey has joined the cast of Kick Ass 2. Hopefully this will keep him too busy to make a Dumb & Dumber sequel, because the world doesn’t need that.

Dear Abby wastes no time in helping a closeted gay man who is under tremendous Jim Carreypressure to date a woman at work. She counsels him to go to the boss and file a complaint for harassment, and get a lawyer if need be.

If you heard an anguished scream, that was when snicks read that Flashdance was being prepped for Broadway.

I don’t know if this new rumor about the armor in Iron Man 3 tells us something about the plot or not, but it sounds like a CGI orgy.

Prince Harry isn’Bob Barkert the only royal showing the jewels. Prince Phillip was wearing a kilt in the traditional fashion and lost track of how he should hold his legs. That, or he decided to show some solidarity with his grandson.

Paul Ryan’s Secret Service code name is “Bowhunter” since he likes to kill things. His wife is called Buttercup for reasons that aren’t immediately obvious.

Bob Barker says that he wasn’t invited to the 40th anniversary of The Price Is Right because he’s been critical of the show for offering prizes that he sees as animal cruelty. He says that when he complained the first time, the show stopped returning all of his calls.


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