Morning Meme: Rallying for The Ali Forney Center, Topless Chord Overstreet, Russell Tovey & Stevie Webb’s Portrait of a Princess

John Lithgow is
playing Barney’s dad on How I Met Your Mother, and even though he knew nothing about the show, the role appealed to him
because of Neil Patrick Harris, and
some family ties. “”I didn’t know what the deal was at all. You’re talking
to someone who’s clueless about most things in John Lithgowlife and one of those things was
How I Met Your Mother. But they
sent me all these episodes and I loved it. Then I found out from my son and his
wife that it was their favorite show, period. It was their appointment TV. And
I do know Neil. I’m a huge fan of his. He’s such a talented guy.”

The 2011 Capitol Queer Prom was held over the weekend, and
couples of all ages celebrated the ritual that so many take for granted.

Take a moment and read this guest post from Carl Siciliano of The Ali
Forney Center
in New York City. Then sign the petition demanding that Gov. Cuomo not turn those homeless kids out on the street. You don’t
need to be a New York resident to sign. We can’t balance a budget on the backs
of helpless, homeless children.

I’m completely unaware of Pink Narcissus, and evidently that’s what director James Bidgood wanted. But now that it’s getting another outing, he’s
fessing up to what happened.

Justin Bieber’s concert film has surpassed Michael Jackson’s concert film in domestic revenue. Never underestimate
the power of tween girls who don’t have to go to a job 12 hours each day.

Nicki MinajBritish Home
Secretary Mays
says that the government promises “progress” on full marriage equality. Whatever “progress”

Elsewhere in the Commonwealth, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she’s not just against marriage equality for political
reasons, she’s a bigot in real life too!

There are rumors about who will join L.A. Reid at The X Factor judges table, and each
is more ridiculous that the last. First Nicki Minaj, who is probably too busy being Nicki Minaj to dedicate that much time to a television show. Then there’s Taylor
, when she’s not too busy looking like a hooker on Monday morning.

America has begun its third concurrent war. Do we get a prize?

AT&T has agreed to shell out $39 billion to buy the U.S. operations of rival
T-Mobile, but they still can’t afford to get 3G in my hometown.

Executive Mark
is set to take over The CW. This could be good, since in
past jobs he’s greenlit a host of gay-inclusive shows Kyle XYincluding Brothers
& Sisters
, Desperate Housewives, and Kyle

There are new shirtless pictures of Chord Overstreet, and he’s shed the lean look for something
beefier. His abs are just sick.

Chik-Fil-A president Dan
is “disappointed” his speaking engagements are being
canceled because his company supports hate groups. And he says they don’t.
Except they do.

Nate Berkus names his favorite bars, restaurants, and cozy places to
chat with friends. I probably can’t afford any of them, but I bet they look

Christopher and His Kind is set for a late spring DVD release in the U.S. according
to BBC America, and Matt Smith Ricky Martin and Carlosloved
playing the role. “He’s primarily so fascinating because he’s a brilliant
writer. But not only that, he’s a brilliant writer who was gay in a certain era
of Britain, where it was difficult to be gay.” You seemed to enjoy the clips yesterday.

Ricky Martin
received his Vito Russo Award from GLAAD over the weekend, and for the first time that I’m aware thanked his “partner-in-crime and my boyfriend Carlos.”
picked up Best Blog, and Scissor Sisters and True Blood were also honored.

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