Morning Meme: Scarlett Johansson Liked Her Nude Pictures, David Burtka Is Peter Pan, and Even Muppets Can’t Make Me Watch “WWE”

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that I don’t
think that Kelly Osbourne is
anti-transgender. She’s been hugely supportive of Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrellthe GLBT community. I do
think her ranting on about her ex-fiance cheating on her with a
“chick with a dick” is horribly insensitive and that she knows
better, and should say she knows better and apologize.

JP Marzulla is
the vice chair of Area 3 of the Republican Party in New Hampshire. He believes in three things: God, liberty, and his gay son.
Now if he can just convince enough of his Granite Staters to think like him.

This may be one of the more useful responses to the “quit flaunting your
lifestyle” arguments that entitled heterosexuals like to bring up all the
time. I may keep a copy in my wallet to hand out.

Eddie Redmayne has joined the ever-growing cast of Les Miserables as Marius. I’ve had such the crush on
Redmayne for ages, and adding him to a cast that already includes Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Eddie RedmayneHugh
may make this irresistible.

I’m not going to grow a mustache for Movember to raise money
and awareness for male
cancer research
. I’ll make a donation, but my salt-and-pepper stash does
not match the rest of me. But feel free to get involved.

One would think that Gavin
is perfectly suited for life in New York City. He’s a musical theater
geek, stunning performer, and a gay activist. But as he’s the first to tell you, sometimes you can’t take
the Ohio out of the boy. I know what he means. That’s how I’m back in West
Virginia, which they couldn’t take out of me. Obviously I never had any Ohio in
me. Well…

JK Rowling has
admitted she considered killing off Ron Weasley early on, which leads me to wonder if it would have
mattered that much to the story. What do you think?

Scarlett Johansson
just leveled up in my book. Talking about the nude photos that leaked last year, “Those
are old, from three years ago… They were sent to my husband. There’s nothing
wrong with that. It’s not like I was shooting a Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynoldsporno… Although there’s nothing
wrong with that either.” Which brings up several questions, not the least of
which is if Ryan Reynolds sent back
nude photos, and if they will ever leak.

Anyone who believes the Loudon County Republicans thought sending out an image of Zombie Obama with a bullet in his
head was an innocent joke without subtext please raise your hand. Anyone?

Just so you know, Satan makes babies gay. And here I thought it was watching
Bravo during pregnancy.

If the AP was willing to sue Shepard Fairey over his iconic Obama
poster, the least Reuters can do is sue the National Organization for Marriage, who says that when they lifted the Reuter photo of crowds
at a 2008 rally for then-candidate Obama and used it for their own, it was a
“common use photo in the public domain.”

Those cute lesbians who were voted Homecoming King and
Queen? Their school is getting violent disgusting threats from Christian groJames Francoups.

James Franco is looking to play a “rapping drugs and arms
dealer” in Spring Breakers opposite Emma
. He’ll bail out Emma and her friends from jail when they rob a
convenience store to pay for their college fun.

PBS UK is set to launch on Sky and Virgin, bring the Brits the
same programs they export to us, only 10 years later. Seriously – you’ll get Nova,
and some really great news.

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