Morning Meme: Silvio Horta Says ABC Was Fine With Justin’s “Ugly Betty” Kiss, Ben Cohen No Gay Icon, and Adam Lambert Loves Gaga

Someone is going to have to explain Lil B to me. He announced on the stage at Coachella that he intended to
make history by titling his next album I’m
. Evidently it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. But he’s from San
Francisco. I’m so confused.Lil B

Rep. Jared Polis is set to endorse Fortis
, the first national GLBT first responders and service memorial.

Pretty soon, people are going to be claiming to do Natalie Portman’s grocery shopping for
her. First, her dance double from Black Swan makes a stink about how
much dancing the star did, and now we have a coed claiming she’s the butt double from Your Highness.

As more thought is given to the Out Power 50, not only are there a mountain of people on the list
who aren’t out, but the list is shockingly white, and completely lacking in
transgender representation. Does no one think of this during editorial

There’s nothing new in this post from TV Guide about spring
break on 90210, but I just loved the headline from this mainstream
publication, “90210 Spring Breakdown: Adrianna Is Burned, Girls Go Wild, and
Teddy Gets a Boy Toy!” It’s got to count as progress.

Adam lambertA new study has dated HIV to at least 100 years old, not 30 as previously thought.

Adam Lambert loves the Lady Gaga
cover image with her morphed into a motorcycle, calling it “camp.” Not to
disagree with Adam, but that’s not camp. He needs a gay refresher course.

In a rather interesting interview with out Ugly
creator Silvio Horta,
Deadline discusses the shrinking representation of Hispanic characters on
broadcast television. He also says that of all the storylines on Ugly Betty, the only one that made the
network squirm was the transgender storyline. At least it’s good to know that the gay
teen love story for Justin was good
from the start.

For unknown reasons, the Apple Employees It Gets Better video disappeared for a time from YouTube for “depicting
harmful activities.” Some have speculated a coordinated effort from anti-gay
groups upset over Apple’s removal of The Manhattan Declaration and Exodus
International apps from the App Store, triggering a manual review.

In a new meta-analysis of surveys, the shows with the strongest online fandoms have been ranked, and for the most
part, the Top Ten are lower rated fan favorites, with Supernatural coming in
first. Glee came in #12.Jonathan Groff

It looks like Rio will
finish slightly higher
than expected at around $40 million, with Scream
failing to crack $20 million. As was pointed out over the weekend, The
, with Jonathan Groff,
squeaks in as a wide release with 707 screens, and clocked a very respectable
$3.9 million on them.

It’s an interesting question: Should live coverage of sports end now? That’s considering Kobe Bryant’s homophobic slur and Marco Andretti bursting out with “I
have no f**king idea!” over the radio during the Toyota Grand Prix Sunday. And obviously
they aren’t equivalent, but for purposes of this discussion they fit nicely.

In the wake of Kobe
outburst, Phoenix Suns’
Grant Hill
has already taped a PSA for GLSEN
called “Think Before You Speak” that will air during the NBA finals. The concept, according to Hill, is “I think back to
when I was a kid. And if an NBA athlete or an NFL athlete or someone I looked up
to and admired told Ben Cohenme something was not cool, then I’m going to pay

Ben Cohen doesn’t see himself as a gay icon. I’m not sure I do
either. But he’s definitely a gay hero. And quite hunky.

46 years ago Sunday, the first gay rights protest at the White House was held.
Have we come so far, or not far enough?


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