Morning Meme: Sir Paul Ties the Knot, Betty White Is Still Hot, and Saturday Night Live Gives Stefon a Perfect Foil

Congratulations to Sir Paul
on his third opposite marriage. This time it’s to heiress Nancy Shevell, and may it go better
than his lastPaul McCartney and Nancy Shevell marriage.

Remember how the “creative class” was going to
power the next big economic boom? It turns out the creative class never really existed.

I know I should talk about Bryan Fisher hating gays and all the Republican presidential
candidates kissing his wrinkled butt this weekend at the Values Voters Summit,
but there’s really nothing new there, is there?

In somewhat disturbing news, a keylogger has appeared on the classified computers used to pilot U.S.
military drones, and it keeps coming back even after it’s wiped. They think
it’s benign, but personally, I think it’s the beginning of SkyNet.

Betty WhiteBetty White thinks she has a gay fan base because she speaks her mind,
and because gays love animals, just like her. Well, I don’t love cats, but I do
love most animals. Mostly I wanted a grandmother who would cut me a slice of
cheesecake and give me advice about boys, and Betty always seemed to fit the
bill.  This evening will be the debut of
her new techno music video called “I’m Still Hot.”

Over at the Borowitz Report,
the potential election dilemma is summed up in a way worthy of, except it’s
all too real. I wonder if will have to go out of business as
reality becomes more and more polarized and ridiculous?

The new neon sculpture for the Florida Marlins stadium that lights up for a home run looks to have been designed
by a mid-1990s drag queen coming off a three week ecstasy binge.

In one of the most contrived political statements I’ve ever
seen, North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue
says she’ll vote against a constitutional amendment banning
gay marriage because she’s said she’s all about jobs, and she means it. Not
that she wants marriage equality, which she opposes. She’s just being illogically

NBC has purchased a multi-camera comedy called Kept Men, about guys who
lose their jobs and are supported by their wives. I hold some mild interest
because the writers were behind Super Troopers, which has a twisted

The New Museum is cutting up floors to make
room for 102-foot slide
by German artist Carsten Höller, similar to the one
he installed at the Tate. I can’t even tell you where the New Museum is, but
like the post says: It’s a slide, in a museum!Happy Endings

Happy Endings is doing a Halloween episode, and the costumes for the straight people are boring. I’m hoping
that Max and Penny truly bring it.

Remember that Tennessee pastor who ordered his deacons to
attack his gay son to prevent him from attending church? Yeah, well now he’s been arrested for theft. Maybe he needs to re-read
that book his church is built around.

Shirley MacClaine will receive the American Film Institute’s Lifetime
Achievement Award on June 7th.

Once again, the Marines showed up to recruit at a gay event,
this time bringing their chin-up bar to San Gabriel Valley
Pride in Pasadena. All four services were invited, but only the Marines showed
up. In a somewhat amusing side story, the $150 booth fee was due back in
September, and the Marines had exhausted their budget for the fiscal year, and
had to be sponsored by Pride to attend. Seriously, I love that the Marines are
stepping out smartly on this, and I’m more than a Doonesburylittle disappointed in the
Air Force.

Meanwhile, House Armed Service Committee Chairman Buck
is threatening to withhold the entire Defense
Appropriations Bill if he doesn’t get explicit language banning military chaplains
from performing legal marriage ceremonies. So he’s willing to not only screw
over the gay troops, but the entire military over his bigotry.

And finally in military news, over at Doonesbury, Roz has
finally come out
. It’s been a weeklong series on the iconic strip, played
completely deadpan.

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