Morning Meme: Smaug Is Rich, Conan O’Brien Previews “The Dark Knight Rising,” and Janice Dickinson Dishes Dirt


ABC has launched a production of Super City, a New Zealand show created by Madeleine Sami. Sami will transform into different characters, including a closeted lesbian gym teacher.Madeleine Sami

Andrew Christian has a new video out, but it’s way too NSFW for us to run here. Which means you have to see it.

There are Glee spoilers at this link, but what I found most amusing was that Max Adler says it would be great if Karofsky found true love, but only if he was played by Ryan Gosling. Is there anyone on the planet not looking for true love with Ryan Gosling?

So, there’s a penis fountain in Amsterdam. No word on whether it spurts or has a constant stream.

Jeremy Sisto of Suburgatory tweeted out this link to a new coming out project that’s actually pretty awesome.

Producers of the new Elizabeth Taylor movie starring Lindsay Lohan says that she’s the most insured actress that ever walked. Or stumbled, as the case may be.

Wolfe has snagged the distribution rights for Gayby. Read our review here.

Nick Gruber and Calvin KleinCalvin Klein’s young boyfriend and former porn star Nick Gruber has been arrested on three counts, including possession of a controlled substance.

Matthew McConaughey won’t confirm that he spends several scenes in Magic Mike in a set of chaps, but that he did design his own special pants for the movie.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are already rewriting the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, which means that they feel pretty confident they have a hit on their hands.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she’s had some difficult conversations about gay rights and women’s rights in countries where the concept is foreign. “First reponse is ‘We don’t have any of those here,’” she said, to laughter. “Second response is, ‘If we did, we would not want to have them and would want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. And it’s your problem, United States of America, that you have so many of those people. So don’t come here and tell us to protect the rights of people we don’t have or that we don’t want.’”

Fox’s late night Saturday night animation block has its first series in Axe Cop, which is about a cop with an ax. What makes it unique is that the stories are created by then five-year-old Malachai Nicolle, and drawn by his 29-year-old brother Ethan. is offering $1 million to any women who can prove they took a ride on the Tebowner.

Armie Hammer, Sir Ben Kingsley, John Malkovich and Michael Sheen are set to star in Cut Bank, about a football star desperate to escape his small town that’s frozen in time. So Sir Ben is playing the football player?Armie Hammer

Surprising no one, National Geographic has commissioned a special about James Cameron’s dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Janice Dickinson, still trying to be relevant, took the stage at New York’s XL Nightclub and spilled all kind of juicy bits, some of which may even be true. She claims to have had a threeway with Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones to prove that Jones was a man, only to find out she isn’t. She also says “When Liam Neeson took off his pants, his business dropped to the ground and caused an earthquake.”

Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit, tops the list of richest fictional characters this year with $62 billion, followed by Carlisle Cullen at $36.3 billion, then Tony Stark at $9.3 billion. Poor Bruce Wayne only has $6.3 billion.

The EEOC has ruled in favor of transgender workers, saying that discrimination based on gender identiy violates Title VII on sex discrimination.

Benedict CumberbatchCalifornia is considering a bill that would make reparative therapy illegal for anyone under 18, finally giving protections to gay youth from their parents.

The BAFTA TV nominations are out, with Sherlock scoring big, as did Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey, and Modern Family for the imports.


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