Morning Meme: Snoopy Heads To the Big Screen, Armie Hammer Could Be Batman, and Anderson Cooper Rips Bristol Palin

Kirk Cameron says that speaking the “truth” about gays is “love speech.” Some of his past truths have included calling homosexuality Kirk Cameron “destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization” and calliing gays “unnatural.” Now he says “The truth is always love speech, it’s not hate speech. The truth, communicated with compassion, with the desire to see people in a right relationship with God, helped, and healed, and whole, is the most genuine form of love speech you can give to anyone.”  Hey Kirk – kids are dying from love over here.

We’re still a ways from the release of Monsters University, but Pixar has launched a stunning site for the university portrayed in the movie, from fraternity life to applications that you can spend several hours exploring.

The Obama administration has followed through on their promise to provide written guidance for immigration officials to consider same-sex “family structures” in deportation cases.

Darren Criss says that he doesn’t know what the future holds for Blaine and Kurt, but if the breakup does stick, he has some hopes for the pair. “I would love to see them be a part of each other’s Klainefuture relationships…. If Kurt meets someone new and they are having some problems, I hope Blaine is the person that Kurt calls and says, ‘This is really tough for me.’ And vice-versa. If Blaine meets somebody, he goes to Kurt. That happens in real life with all kinds of relationships. You create a bond with somebody and regardless of what happens, in the end the bond is there for the rest of your life. And I think that’s an excellent message to show young people: The end doesn’t mean it’s the end. It’s just a new chapter.”

Joan Ganz Cooney, the founder of the Children’s Television Workshop, may not be thrilled that Big Bird is being used in campaign ads, but she is an Obama supporter, having given $200,000 to various campaigns and PACs in the last two years that support the president.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is set to appear on the Halloween episode of the Big Bang Theory.

Justin’s Gift, a nonprofit GLBTQ youth group in Anoka, Minnesota has been told that it can’t march in the Halloween parade because all the marching slots have been filled. If you recall, the local school district in Anoka has been rocked by bullying and numerous teen suicides in the past years.Chris Kluwe

Jack Welch, the iconic fomer CEO of General Electric, has resigned from Fortune magazine in the wake of the outrage over his claim that the Obama administration cooked the unemployment numbers. Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that “I think it’s exactly the opposite of what Jack Welch is saying. Things are actually improving.” Look for Welch to pop up onFox Business in 3-2-1.

There’s nothing quite like having normally foul mouthed Chris Kluwe respond to the Catholic Archbishop in Minnesota by quoting the Bible back to the Church.

I’ve given up on pumpkin carving this year and purchased a beautiful metal jack-o-lantern for my porch. But if you’ve still got the idea that you can create art from a pumpkin, here are some killer hacks I wish I’d seen before I decided to throw in the knife.

The Ohio Secretary of State has appealed a court decision to allow weekend voting in his state to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ohio has been at the forefront of voter suppression efforts designed to Armie Hammerfavor Republicans.

Armie Hammer is reportedly up for the role of Batman (again) in the Justice League movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hammer, but I have a hard time imagining him as Batman.

Continuing the Republican war on children, a candidate for the Arkansas state house believes that parents should be able to request the death penalty for rebellious children, just like the bible says. Evidently a swat on the butt for a screaming child in Target is child abuse, but killing them for a bad attitude is fine.Peanuts

In case you were hitting the liquor store for a big gay Halloween party, you should know that gay men drink a lot of vodka, while lesbians toss back tequila like it was M&Ms.

The Peanuts are set for a new animated big screen movie from Sony Pictures’ Blue Sky, which brought us the Ice Age movies. I’m torn, as the Peanuts are some of my favorite memories (and actually decorate parts of my home office, and feature prominently all over my home at Christmas), but I haven’t been impressed with recent attempts to exploit the brand.


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