Morning Meme: South Korea Tries To Pray Away Lady Gaga, Fred Karger Breaks Out the Beefcake, and Eliza Dushku Won’t Support Mitt Romney

Smash troublemaker Ellis (Jamie Capero) says that his character wooing Rebecca’s manager doesn’t mean he’s gay. Jamie Capero“It wasn’t a romantic dinner; it was very specific and calculated. It’s not about, ‘He’s confuuused.’ He knows what he’s doing.”

Former Minnesota Twins prospect Reggie Williams would like to know why there are so many gay people now, being bold in public. He’d question anything like that in public, like if people were smoking crack.

Bilerico has an interview with Ellyn Ruthstrom, the first (and only) paid employee of the Bisexual Resource Center, a 25 year-old organization that’s been trying to advance bisexual understanding in the world.

Jessie JSpeaking of, in the wake of the claim that Jessie J is a lesbian and not bisexual as she states, The Guardian wonders if it’s easier to be a gay male pop star than a lesbian pop star, even today.

Christians are protesting Lady Gaga’s upcoming Seoul concert in hopes of blocking the pop star from performing. They even held a prayer rally to try and stop her from promoting homosexuality. Seriously, is poverty eradicated? Don’t they have something to do that Christ actually addressed?

The Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam, says that the church’s opposition to marriage equality in the UK is disastrous, especially in a time that the church is struggling to connect with the public.

Are the luxuries provided at companies like Google and Facebook causing the companies to get left behind on the mobile future? While they get shuttles and snacks, snicks and I are still fighting over the one electrical outlet in the newsroom. And he’s a biter.

In this interview, all around cool chick Jane Espenson talks about how the original idea that Brad Bell had about Husbands the Series wasn’t a comedy about marriage equality, but making it so gave it a reason for being.

This interview with Chris Colfer is kind of spoilery about an upcoming Glee body switch episode. (and still kind of awesome), so click at your own risk.

Russell Crowe is officially in charge of finding two of every creature (probably excluding homosexuals) for Darren Aronofsky’s big budget film Noah.

Robin Gibb has awakened from his coma and is communicating with his family. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Mitt Romney served as Eliza Dushku’s bishop in the Mormon church when she was growing up, and while she remembers him as a nice man, she won’t be campaigning for him, largely Eliza Dushkubecause of his views on gay rights. “I’m sure he’s a nice guy. I knew him to be a nice person, to those around him. He had five sons that I knew, that my brothers would play with growing up, and they were kind to others. But what they stand for I don’t find to be tolerant or just.”

Chris Colfer’s Struck By Lightning debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend to largely positive reactions, which he credits to director Brian Dannelly. “A lot of the stuff is exactly how I had it in my mind. Or better, thanks to this guy.” We’ll have more on the Q&A today and a review later this week as our own Brian Juergens was at the premiere.

Dick ClarkThe Dark Knight Rises trailer will officially premiere with The Avengers, creating a great Marvel/DC mashup experience.

Dick Clark will be honored with “fan confetti” this New Year’s Eve, with folks being able to write messages and memories on slips of paper to be dropped over Time Square, where he presided for so many years. Dick Clark is New Year’s Eve to me. My parents were never big on baby sitters, but New Year’s Eve is mom’s birthday, and I spent most of my childhood New Years with my older cousin, eating popcorn, playing games, and watching Dick Clark. These days I may watch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin banter, but when the ball dropped, I always had it on Dick Clark.

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