Morning Meme: Stephen Fry Joins “Sherlock Holmes 2,” Chris Evans Stretches Fabric to its Limits, and “SNL” Gets the Gay Right

The big news since we debuted the new Weekend
is that Atlanta’s Bishop Eddie
has announced his intent to keep his position at his mega-church and
intends to fight the four lawsuits (and counting) alleging that he coerced
you male members of his church into sexual relationships. The pastor of a
25,000 member church cast himself in the role of David with five stones to
sling at Goliath.

The United Nations, having conquered world peace, poverty,
famine and human rights abuses has now turned their attention to naming little
known Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan
as the official ambassador to aliens should they ever contact the human
race. So when they say, “Take me to your leader” we’ll all know who to send them to.

Stephen Fry has signed up to play Mycroft
in Sherlock Holmes 2. I
was unaware that Sherlock had a smarter older brother, but evidently he does in
four of the original stories.

BonesEmily Deschanel has wed Rickety Cricket
(David Hornsby) of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They
will no doubt make adorable babies.

SAG is warning its members not to work on The Hobbit,
which they describe as “non-union.” But Peter
isn’t having it, saying that it’s a power grab by a union
that doesn’t have membership in New Zealand where he’s hiring the bulk of his

Wall Street 2 opened to a decent $19 million over the weekend, beating
out The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls
of Ga’hoole
at $16.3 million, which had trouble capturing the kiddie
audience after reviews said it was a bit too violent.

GOProud had HomoCon this weekend, and Ann Coulter was there cracking
racist and gay jokes as entertainment
. This included such knee-splitters as: Marriage “is
not a civil right – you’re not black.” She went on to note how rich gays are (really? Where’s my portfolio?) and that blacks must be looking at the gays saying,
“Why can’t we be oppressed like that?”

Adam Lambert added a new
infinity symbol as a tattoo, and had it made into a pendant you can buy, with proceeds going
to his Donors Choose charity, supporting music in the classroom. I have to give
Adam credit, he’s been incredibly consistent in support for Donors Choose.

Tom Lyle Williams,
founder of Maybelline cosmetics, was a closeted gay man, according to a new book by his niece. She says he hid it
from his family, and carried on a 35-year affair with advertising executive Emery Shaver.

In Toledo, OH, bullies broke the arm of an 11-year-old boy they perceived
as being gay because he was on the local cheerleading squad. Tyler Wilson was picked on mercilessly
by his classmates culminating in the incident that left his arm broken, all for
a mere perceived sexual orientation.

Just a reminder, tonight is the We Are
fundraiser for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, hosted by Alec Mapa. He probably won’t have arm candy like he did this weekend at Black Ball but you can hope!

Meanwhile, north of the border in
Toronto, Spotlight Life is presenting Spotlight Unplugged, an
intimate concert benefiting Fife House on September 30th. Tickets
are still available. H/t Craig

Yuvraaj Parasher, the
young lead who had the first onscreen gay kiss in the Bollywood film Dunno
Y … Na Jaane Kyun
is being disowned by his family for shaming them. He’s been
kicked out of the family home and his father is pursuing legal action to
disinherit him, while his mother is distraught the film means the heterosexual
actor will never find a wife.

The Family Policy Council has filed an amicus brief in Perry vs. Schwarzenneger that
alleges that neither the court nor the Constitution have the right to overturn an
initiative process. I’m considering mailing them a pocket copy of the Constitution
for reference.

The Texas Board of Education continues to attempt to rewrite
history by passing a resolution that references to Islam be limited in
future editions of textbooks.

Mark Ruffalo is
developing a Showtime series about “media crisis management.” Maybe he can use the
Homophobia Apology Tree
in an episode.

A Brookly woman meant to buy a Powerball ticket and bought a Mega Millions by mistake. The “mistake” won her
$54 million.

In this edition of Gutters,
all the different color Hulks band together with the mythical Rainbow Hulk so “Hulk smash
Prop 8!”

Steven DeKnight,
producer of Spartacus: Blood and Sand
says they have two main options for the series, either recast Andy Whitfield, who is undergoing
aggressive treatment for cancer, or they can close up shop. And they’ll talk to
Andy about how he feels about both options before deciding.

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