Morning Meme: “The Great Gatsby” Is a Party, Jamar Rogers Talks About Coming Out HIV+, and Kurt Hummel’s Most Outrageous Outfits

Michael Ausiello has some Glee news for next season, specifically how they’ll handle the show-within-a-show aspect. It seems some episodes will be all in high school, and some Gleewill be all in New York. And yes, they intend to shoot some of the show on location in the Big Apple. But honestly, after last night I don’t really care. I think I’ll be getting a life – outside the series.

Alveda C. King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., who obviously knows nothing of her uncle, is angry at the NAACP endorsing marriage equality. “Neither my great-grandfather, an NAACP founder, my grandfather Dr. Martin Luther King Sr., an NAACP leader, my father Rev. A. D. Williams King, nor my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. embraced the homosexual agenda that the current NAACP is attempting to label as a civil rights agenda.”

The White House has sent out invitations for the Pride reception, June 15th at the White House. Obviously, mine is lost in the mail.

The Fug Girls have an amazing gallery of Kurt’s most outrageous outfits on Glee over the years.

It’s that time of year again, when Naval Academy plebes strip down to their shorts and climb all over each other up an obelisk greased with lard to retrieve a cap. And they didn’t even wait for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to establish this tradition.

Brian d'Arcy JamesNot only are Raza Jaffrey and Jaime Cepero leaving Smash, now Brian d’Arcy James and Will Chase are leaving too. If they keep ditching the characters I never cared about, I might start watching again.

MTV Geek thinks it knows who the iconic gay character in the DC universe is going to be. They’re best bet is Alan Scott, a Green Lantern, and they think it’s happening in Earth Two #2, hitting news stands June 6th, which seems targeted to take away from Northstar‘s wedding.

Buzzfeed has the most amazing video of Facebook stock trading on the first day, when computers took over and executed thousands of trade each second, with underwriters propping the stock up, and day traders getting rich pennies at a time. It goes to show that the financial markets are their own live animal and completely out of control.

I’m a freelancer here. Granted, I’m a pretty permanent fixture with a title and business cards, but I’m still not an MTV employee. But I have to give it to the company, they pay me well, regularly, and on time. That’s not true of many freelancers elsewhere, and freelancers aren’t protected by the Department of Labor. They recently left an invoice for $16 million in unpaid invoices (itemized) in front of the Senate, asking for work protections.Rufio

Andy Dick has walked away from a sex abuse charge here in West Virginia with enrollment in a pretrial diversion program that will allow him to erase the charges if he stays out of trouble for six months. With Andy Dick, that’s not a given.

It’s been ages since I saw Hook, but easily one of the most memorable characters was Rufio, with his wild hair. And now there’s a prequel in development about the character and how he came to be a Wild Boy and got his hair.

Buzzfeed has compiled a photo gallery of faces of homophobia around the world.

The Voice’s Jamar Rogers talks about his past addiction to crystal meth and coming out as HIV+ on the show. “I felt like I wanted to do my part to eradicate prejudice and stigma. And finally I called the producers and said, ‘Hey, there’s something I’d like to talk about,’ and they were completely receptive and treated me with so much respect.”

Showing he just doesn’t get it, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman says that the people should be able to vote directly on anti-discrimination ordinances that some municipalities have passed, which he claims conflict with state law.

Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy covers way too much ground on The New Normal, Glee, and American Horror Story to summarize, but if you don’t hate him over last night’s Glee finale, it’s worth a read.

SpaceX had a successful launch of their rocket Tuesday morning, headed for a docking with the International Space Station.

Brad Pitt says that getting engaged to Angelina Jolie was “something that made sense.” But no date for the wedding has been set, and they still hope that marriage equality will come to all before they do tie the knot.

OutSports talks to a dozen NFL football players who all say they would support a gay teammate. Says Outsports: “Every player we spoke to said he has a family member, friend or acquaintance who is gay. While that relationship may have strengthened their acceptance of gay people, many of them said their attitudes about gays developed before they had a personal connection.” An encouraging read!


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