Morning Meme: The Return of Ron Burgundy, Sir Elton Opens Up About His Bullies, and Josh Hutcherson Gets “Detention”

Saturday Night Live needs some fresh blood (understatement of the decade), and it looks like they’re starting with the ladies. While they’re talking to a number of funny women, Kate McKinnon it’s Big Gay Sketch Show‘s Kate McKinnon who will be getting a live tryout on the next show.

After discovering gay dolphins have an enormous amount of drama in their lives, there was nothing to do but give them their own reality show.

Will Ferrell dropped by Conan last night to announce Anchorman 2. Stay classy.

James Cameron isn’t the only billionaire trolling the ocean floor. Jeff Bezos has been searching for Apollo 11′s engines on the bottom of the sea. He claims to have found them, and intends to raise the engines that first took man to another heavenly body.

Carson DalyCarson Daly claimed it was fortunate the recently diverted Jet Blue flight was full of security people. He said if he’d been on the flight it would have been full of gay pride attendees headed to San Francisco. He later apologized, as asshats are wont to do.

Daniel Zamudio, the gay 24-year-old attacked by neo-Nazis in Chile has died after nearly a month in a coma.

At a campaign event at a bowling alley, Rick Santorum told a young man that he was not to use a pink bowling ball on camera. There’s really nothing this man says that isn’t offensive.

David Burtka talks to Sir Elton John about the bullies in his life, people he encountered as an adult. Apparently the bullying was both emotional and physical in nature.

Adrienne Rich, feminist poet and figure in the women’s and gay rights movement, has passed away at the age of 82.

American Horror Story’s Evan Peters will star in Truck Stop, about a young man with cerebral palsy and his friendship with a troubledEvan Peters runaway, played by Juno Temple.

Colin Clark of the Houston Dynamos has been suspended for three games and fined an unknown amount of money for calling a ball boy a “fu*king faggot” over the weekend. He’s accepted his punishment with humility and apologized again.

If you happen to be in Tulsa today, our own Brent Hartinger will be appearing at the the Hardesty Regional Library, 8316 E. 93rd St. to talk about his books. Do say hi from me!

Not only is The Hunger Games dominating the box office, the soundtrack is currently #1 on the Billboard 200.

Matthew Cain has a great article on the rise of gay and lesbian black cinema at this year’s BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. From Leave it on the Floor to Stud Life, black filmmakers are telling their stories.

It seems the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation licensed an image of the queer icon to a vendor who is selling t-shirts with the artist in Urban Outfitters, whose conservative CEO will likely plow the profits into Rick Santorum’s campaign.

In an embarrassing snafu, Thomas Roberts went to interview Maggie Gallagher on air, only to say she didn’t show and he spoke to an empty studio saying she hadn’t showed up. But a booker had placed her in a different studio wPeter Staleyhere she waited to not be interviewed. It certainly makes our side look bad.

When you’ve got a good 20 minutes free, please read Pictures From a Battlefield about the early days of ACT UP. It’s an incredible history lesson of the group that saved a generation, beautifully photographed. I can’t wait for the documentary. 

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