Morning Meme: The Roots’ Quest-ionable Sense of Humor, Chelsea Handler Spars With Miss Piggy, and a Peek at Glee’s “I Kissed A Girl”

 Caroline Rhea has joined Nathan Lane and Cheyenne Jackson in the pilot for USA about a down-on-his-luck Broadway actor (Lane) who has to return to Texas to care for hisCaroline Rhea ailing father. Rhea will play Lane’s sister.

The Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal to release the names of Washington’s Ref. 71, creating domestic partnerships, clearing the way for the state to publish the names on the petitions.

I already knew that Adult Swim was giving the horribly homophobic Tyler the Creator his own show on late night, but parent company Cartoon Network just animated him into Regular Show. If we need to protect children from a loving kiss in the 8 PM hour, I think we should protect them from people who spout vile homophobic lyrics as well.

Major League Baseball has reportedly added sexual orientation protections to their new bargaining agreement, in case any players would want to come out.

It turns out that Amy Adams has changed her favorite Muppet since she got to hang out with them. Gone is Fozzie Bear. She’s now all about Rowlf, even talking about petting him.

After rapper JoJo Simmons (son of Rev. Run, nephew to equality activist Russell Simmons) unleashed a tirade of homophobic and transphobic tweets, GLAAD is now saying he “sets a positive example for fans” because he deleted the offending tweets and said “Sorry to my fans & LGBT community for how I handled the recent situation. Using anti-gay & anti-transgender slurs is wrong.” That’s a new record for GLAAD turning a situation “positive.”

The Savannah Georgia congregation that voted to leave the Episcopal church over the ordination of a gay bishop, but tried to keep their historic church building ,has been ordered to turn over the $3 million, Anne McCaffrey278-year-old building to the main Episcopal diocese it left.

Anne McCaffrey, author of the Pern series, has passed away at age 85. I was never a fan of the Pern books, but did enjoy some of her other works immensely. The world will be a poorer place without her.

Meanwhile, Breaking Dawn has passed $300 million at the box office. Did it single-handedly end the economic crisis?

Jezebel offers A Girl’s Guide To Attending a Gay Bar. Back when I spent a lot more time at the club (think the 90s), I would have added “mixed drinks don’t belong on the dance floor.”

It may not be polite or politically correct, but I think The Roots choosing “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as the music to play Rep. Michele Bachmann on the stage for her Jimmy Fallon interview is inspired. The book she was promoting is so filled with lies Mother Jones says it plays like “Politifact’s greatest hits.” It’s a shame Fallon is apologizing for The Roots’ accuracy.

Roger Ailes is furious that Sarah Palin didn’t announce that she wasn’t running for President on Fox News. That’s the entire reason he paid her $1 million/yeSarah palinar for two years. It turns out, he, like America, was scammed by Palin.

It turns out that Six Degrees of Separation only worked before social networking became huge. Now it’s only 4.74 degrees between any of us.

The Ninth Circuit has decided to combine the Prop 8 appeal with the challenge to Judge Walker’s impartiality, streamlining the cases and making for a cleaner ruling.Jesse Tyler Ferguson

My buddy Brett Berk has picked out Five Cars To Get You Over the River and Through the Woods To Grandmother’s House. But probably only if you’re part of the 1%.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is shocked to hear that Mitt Romney is a big Modern Family fan, despite the fact that he’s flipped to supporting a Constitutional ban on marriage equality. “Maybe he sees that [gay parents] Mitchell and Cameron aren’t quite so bad, and maybe he needs to re-think some things. But I love that he watches the show. I think that’s very big of him, and I’m hoping that he’s being changed a bit, in his heart.” Probably so, because changing his mind is what Romney does best.

If you hadn’t heard, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly went off the deep end and tried to rationalize the pepper spray assault at UC Davis by saying that pepper spray is “essentially a food product.” Please sign the petition to have her try that food product live on air.

And President Obama should really think about that note he was passed.

Congratulations to Michaelangelo Signorile as he joins Huffington Post’s Gay Voices as an Editor-At-Large.

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