Morning Meme: The Situation Calls Out A&F, “Angel” Invades “Supernatural,” and a Glimpse of Teddy

So the news on Wednesday was about Abercrombie & Fitch offering to pay the cast of the Jersey Shore not to
appear in their clothes. The GTLSituation
tweeted that their PR sux, since A&F create a
“GTL” shirt obviously from the show. And MTV called it savvy PR, and offered to work with
A&F to “leverage Jersey Shore
to reach the largest youth audience on television.” I feel dirty and used.

Here are instructions
on sword swallowing
. Pfft. Like we need those here!

Nicolas Winding Refn
says that he’s been told his opportunity to make a Wonder
movie hinges on how well his remake of Logan’s Run does.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin
is an early favorite to upgrade from the House to the
Senate in Wisconsin. The Victory Fund has said her election is a priority.

HansonNot only is Texas inflicting Rick Perry on the rest of the country, they held a “Mayor for
a Day” contest on Facebook in the town of Forney. And 11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez made it her first priority to rename Main Street to
Justin Bieber Way.

Exactly how big of asshats do you have to be in the music
world to have Hanson dumping on you? Because the “MMMBop” singers say
of Kings of Leon “I have a hard
time with musicians who act like pricks … The Kings of Leon guys are running
some risks. They’re irritating people; you can’t do that too much. Eventually
the bad boy image affects fans’ willingness to show up. Their fans will get
bummed out.”

An online jihadist is calling for David
assassination. While I’d never advocate for something like
that, if Paul Shaffer’s piano and
microphone were collateral damage, I wouldn’t be upset.

David Tennant is totally open to doing Fright Night 2 if the
movie is a success. He also says there was a lot of ad-libbing on the set that
might be too racy even for DVD extras.David Tennant

James Marsters is
reuniting with Charisma Carpenter for
an episode of
Supernatural. They’ll be playing husband and wife, with her
being a witch who becomes very unhappy in her marriage. Some are calling it Bewitched-gone-wrong.

Fanboys are up in arms over Tom
being cast as Jack Reacher
in One
. I won’t go into why, but he evidently isn’t a perfect fit for the

I’m a little shaky on the format for The X Factor, but it’s being said that Mariah Carey will be the mentor for Simon Cowell’s house of artists. I thought each of the judges
mentored their own houses, but I admit to not being sure.

I’m unclear if Mexico City’s Texcoco Park is a concept, or a
plan for a massive geoengineering project. The article sounds like it’s a firm plan, but I can’t
imagine how you retrofit the city for something like that. I remember being Michael Kors and Lance Le Perein
Mexico City when I was a high school senior and being told that the city, built
in a lake bed, was sinking at a noticeable rate.

Congratulations to fashion designer Michael Kors, who wed his longtime partner Lance Le Pere in New York Tuesday in a barefoot ceremony on the

Modern Family’s Ed
will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next
month. He wasn’t going to accept the honor, but his daughter insisted.

In talking about Sherlock Holmes 2, Guy Ritchie says that Stephen Fry nails Mycroft, Holmes’ wisecracking brother. And
Fry even undresses in the film
, which should be an interesting change of
pace – will we get the full Helen Mirren?

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