Morning Meme: “The Three Little Pigs” Go On Trial, Brad Pitt Joins “8,” and The Muppets Get a Sequel

Stargate‘s Michael Shanks returns to my television screen this summer in Canadian soap Saving Hope, in which the sexy man will star as a brilliant doctor in a coma, haunting his Michael Shanksown hospital while his fiancée played by Smallville’s Erica Durance tries to save him.

The Indiana House has backed away from plans to restrict specialty license plates, which many saw as targeting the plate for the gay Indiana Youth Group. Citing how volatile the debate had gotten, sponsor Ed Soliday withdrew the bill.

In a move so savvy it might almost qualify as cynical, Tim Gill has appointed Republican Kirk Fordham to lead his Action Fund.

An Oxford grad has returned his English degree to Exeter over their decision to rent space to the anti-gay Christian Concern conference. I’m assuming this is symbolic, since it doesn’t affect his record or references.

The Muppets will be getting a sequel, but Nicholas Stoller will have to write it without Jason Segel, who isn’t part of the new writing deal. It’s unknown if The MuppetsSegel would return to star in the film. Still – more Muppets!

President Obama has confirmed again that in his considered opinion, Omar, our gay gangster with a heart in The Wire, is the best character in the sorely missed show. “It’s got to be Omar, right? I mean, that guy is unbelievable. I mean, what a combination. And that was one of the best shows of all-time.”

Not only has Alan Cumming penned a great new column about circumcision for Intact America, he’s also got a book on the subject called May The Foreskin Be With You. He remains fascinated by the reaction his unaltered member gets from Americans. “The gasping was due to the fact that most people had never seen a real, unadulterated, uncircumcised penis before, and some of the people who were seeing mine had, to be frank, been round the block a few times so their reaction was all the more surprising and on reflection, upsetting.”

Katy Butler’s petition to have Bully reclassified as PG-13 has soared over 165,000 signatures, including mine. Why is the 17-year-old so Bullycommitted to a film she hasn’t even seen yet? “I identify as a lesbian and in middle school I was bullied and harassed repeatedly and that was an absolutely horrible experience. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this.”

The Freedom to Marry Coalition plans to submit 1,700 signatures towards the 1,000 required to begin collecting signatures to place a repeal of Ohio’s constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage on the ballot.

Matthew Perry has joined Go On, in which he will play a sportscaster trying to recover from a loss through group therapy sessions. So it reminds me of my favorite parts of Newhart so far.

A new study says that the wealthy are more likely to cheat and behave unethically than the lower classes.

Star Trek’s John de Lancie is set to play an elder on The Secret Circle. So basically, as a powerful warlock, he gets to play Q again.

Jackie BeatDrag queen Jackie Beat tweeted an AIDS joke, and not everyone is laughing. “I’ll admit Madonna’s new song is catchy…But so is AIDS.” Now I’m all for our community joking with our community, and I’m not outraged, but an AIDS joke is nearly impossible to pull off with so many dead, and this one certainly seems to belittle the magnitude of the plague after 30 years of death.

 Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has come out with a six month, taxpayer funded investigation that says the birth certificate furnished by President Obama is not just a forgery, but a cheap forgery. Can someone please show this man the way off the stage?

The plaintiffs in Perry v Schwarzenegger have filed briefs opposing the en banc review by the 9th Circuit.

Brownsville, TN Haywood High School principal Dorothy Bond is under fire after telling gay students they were going to hell, and threatening them with suspension. She told students (at a public high school) “I’m sorry if I offended you but my view is still the same you’re not welcome here.” Tennessee, I know we didn’t want the whole “don’t say gay” bill, but this isn’t how we wanted schools saying it.Mike "Wolverine" Rio

Ultimate fighter Mike “Wolverine” Rio has weighed in on Dakota Cochran’s gay-for-pay past, “He’s just trying to start a new chapter in his life, which is what we’re all trying to do. We’re trying to move on. He’s entitled to do what he wants… Me and him hung out a little bit. He seemed cool to me. He didn’t seem disrespectful. He was just a cool, down-to-earth guy.Whatever he does in his spare time, he does in his spare time, but you can’t deny he can kick someone’s ass because you’ve seen his record and seen what he can do.


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