Morning Meme: Tom Hardy is Gangster, Channing Tatum Loves Booze and Bullets, and ABC Hypes Madonna Interview By Teasing Lady Gaga

Tom Hardy is set to star in Cicero, a movie about the rise of Al Capone. While I do think he looks great in a suit, I think he looks much better out of one. Why wasn’t he in Magic Mike?Tom Hardy

If you want to interview Channing Tatum, your day will involve drinking whiskey from a shared bottle, shooting enormous handguns, visiting his office in a nasty part of town, and seeing him do the lift scene from Dirty Dancing with his pit bull, who knows her cue.

Lindsay Lohan may really need to get that job playing Elizabeth Taylor, because she owes the IRS $93,000 from 2009.

That thing in New Hampshire played out exactly like everyone thought it would.

It sounds as if the Supreme Court is going to be reluctant to loosen the restrictions on nudity and certain curse words before the watershed. Honestly, I get their point, but I think the rules are too ambiguous, enforcement is all over the place, and the watershed needs to be moved back to 9 PM for broadcast.

Pat Buchanan says that he’s not suspended from MSNBC, he’s just out on medical leave. Leave that his MSNBC boss knows nothing about. Leave that he didn’t need from his book tour, or from any of the other networks he appears on.

MugshotsBestWeekEver has the 30 Hottest Mugshots from last year. I have to admit, I love a bad boy. And most of these were more naughty than bad.

For the first time, NBC plans to offer a 3D feed through all cable and satellite providers for the 2012 Olympics. The sad part is that they won’t be offering events live, but next day. They do plan to focus on events like diving and gymnastics though, so we have muscles and bulges in 3D.

Good Christian Bitches Belles says that it’s not disrespectful to Christians. I never thought it was. But as a Southerner, I read the title and knew exactly the type of characters they were going for in the show. Which was based on a book that didn’t use “Belles.”

I’m happy in a weird, childlike way that Fisher Price has updated the View-Master to digital form and will bring the joy of stereoscopic images to a new generation. I loved looking at those little paper wheels.

The L.A. Council has adopted a measure requiring condom use in adult films, much like the ballot measure that was being organized. So now everything moves a few miles outside the city’s jurisdiction and nothing changes.

I don’t even care about the story, I just love the headline. Kim Kardashian Replaced by Dog in Super Bowl Ad

Darren Criss seems grounded and grateful, but I do think he gives too much credit to an awful Katy Perry song. “I was a struggling actor, a part-time composer, and allDarren Criss of a sudden they put me in a blazer, slick my hair back, and give me a Katy Perry song on a hit show, and a year and a half later I’m on Broadway. So, yes, it’s the song that changed my life.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who by all reports is gay, is set to earn $378 million in compensation this year, mostly in stock, but totally eclipsing the previous top paid CEO, our boss at Viacom, who made a measly $84.7 million last year.

Reason 4,786,342 that Armond White is the most hated man in the film business.

Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice Daniels, who just had the furor over her homophobic Facebook update die down told a GSA she was invited to attend that she’d come if she could bring psychologists to tell the kids that being gay was a mental illness. Doesn’t Troy have a recall process?

Did you know it was impossible to be “born and raised in South Detroit?”

Daniel RadcliffeI find it charming that Daniel Radcliffe is so grateful for his life and the success the Potter films. “I got paid so well for doing the Harry Potter films, it’s ridiculous. That’s the reality. I feel almost guilty for having done so well out of Potter. There is a sense that you have to do something. I feel Brad Pitt would agree that the way to help is to really get behind things that you’re passionate about, like The Trevor Project. You have to give back.”

Perhaps he could share the wealth with Twinkie the Kid, because the future isn’t so bright for the crème filled treats.

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