Morning Meme: Toni Collette Stuns In “Jesus Henry Christ,” “Smash” To Return, and Hugh Dancy Is “Hannibal”

Miss me kids? I missed you, though you’re always in great hands with Louis, who was kind to fill in for me on top of his other duties. I try not to do it to him often. Of course, I’m doing it again in a couple weeks. Remember when I went last year and spoke to OUTLaw at Washington & Lee Law School last year? They’re having a debate between Maggie Gallagher and Andrew Sullivan April 4th at 6PM and invited me back. Plus it gets me some rare face time with our fearless leader, Dennis.Smash

But on to things that matter, like the fact that Smash has been renewed for a second season. It’s uneven, but I really am hopeful for the show. One major change is that creator/showrunner Theresa Rebeck won’t be back, but will live on in Debra Messing’s character, who was loosely based on her.

The president of Liberia says her comments about homosexuality were misinterpreted earlier this week, and that there are not laws in her country pertaining to homosexuality, and any new ones, pro or con will be vetoed. To her, “tolerance is the status quo.”

In a move that shocked me, Will Smith is not doing the title song for Men In Black 3. Pitbull will be creating what will undoubtedly be the summer’s earworm.

Pete LaBarbera, who thinks about gay sex a lot more than I ever do, is demanding MTV cancel Savage U before it even airs. But his problems with Dan Savage are largely the reasons that MTV loves him, so I think Dan’s safe.

Hugh DancyHugh Dancy is walking on the dark side with a starring role in NBC’s Hannibal series. But he’s too pretty to be a cannibal!

According to the coroner, the official cause of death for Whitney Houston is drowning combined with heart disease and cocaine. The marijuana, Xanax and Flexeril that were present in her system are not considered contributing factors.

Not only are celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Johnny Depp joining the fight to have the rating of Bully changed to PG-13, now the AFER legal team of David Boies and Ted Olsen weigh in, “I hope, for heaven’s sake, that they find some rational basis before we have to sue them to revise the rating system.” It is remarkable that The Hunger Games is opening at PG-13 with how many graphic teenage deaths, but a documentary is R-rated over some swearing.

Dana Walden, co-chairman of 20th Century Fox Television says that Glee will finish the season strong with a clear message and vision of how to handle Season Four. I get the feeling they’re going to try and DeGrassi it.

As I continue to follow the Trayvon Martin case, the level of incompetence just astounds me, even if you set aside the ridiculous self defense law. Thankfully the Sheriff has stepped down temporarily after losing a no confidence vote.

According to a new book by Kate Stone Lombardi, contrary to 1960s logic from Doctor Spock and others, the evidence says that “mama’s boys” are actually stronger than their peers, and grow up independent and more emotionally connected.Sir Ian McKellen

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that the Tolkien estate had gone after The Hobbit Pub, and Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen had interceded at the issue. Now the estate has offered a license, and Fry and McKellen are paying the fee themselves.

There’s a killer article on Pitchfork about the rise of queer rap in New York City, and how people like Mykki Blanco are changing the face of hip-hop as out, proud and flamboyant. Old attitudes won’t do in a modern scene. “You’re not gonna be ‘no-homo’ and then call yourself pretty and say, ‘Swag swag swag, swag swag, swag swag.’ That is a gay attitude– a gay black attitude, specifically. You cannot tell me it isn’t. Gay men invented swag.”

In case it didn’t get mentioned I really have to applaud Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz for his epic slapdown of the National Organization for Marriage, who invaded their shareholder meeting to demand the company back away from their active pro-equality stance. “Any decision of this type or magnitude has be made with great thoughtfulness and I would assure you that a senior team at Starbucks discussed this. To be very candid with you, this was not something that was a difficult decision for us and we did share this with the board as well. [snip] We made that decision, in our view, through the lens of humanity and being the kind of company that embraces diversity.” NOM was of course ready with a boycott campaign.

Of course someone, likely the AFA, is spending a ton of money to defeat an anti-discrimination ordinance in Anchorage. The quote from the Alaska Family Council is classic –”No. 1, we don’t believe that there is widespread discrimination that’s preventing gays and lesbians from having jobs and getting loans and housing.” You don’t believe? That’s great grounds to make public policy decisions.

JLSIf anyone has any video of the claim that Siskel and Ebert played an elaborate game of patty-cake before each taping of their show, please forward it.

Boyband JLS is completely unconcerned about the gay rumors that swirl around the band from time to time. The ripped singers say “It’s a bit, like, change the record. It’s all a bit boring. If it was one of us, one of our friends who was gay, it just wouldn’t matter.”

Three anonymous actors, two women and one man, talk about their experiences shooting sex scenes, from men getting aroused to one orgasming on an actress during the scene. I was a bit blown away that basically all of them support the inequality between male and female nudity on screen, largely (or smally, I guess) to protect that male ego. From one of the women, “Let’s face it, for male nudity to be anything meaningful they have to show their dick. A woman doesn’t have to go all the way for it to be a big deal. Guys have so much at stake: “Is it big enough, is it shaped well, is it all shrunk up?” It is harder for a guy to be aesthetically pleasing when naked, in my opinion.” The man was even more insecure.

Joshua Jackson auditioned for Batman once, with the role going to Christian Bale, which in retrospect he completely loved. But he does say that with the series likely rebooting after The Dark Knight Rises, he’d totally audition again.Joshua Jackson

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Peter Laird is telling fanboys to give Michael Bay’s TMNT a chance, for now. “I would actually encourage TMNT fans to swallow the ‘chill pill’ Mr. Bay recently suggested they take, and wait and see what might come out of this seemingly ill-conceived plan. The reason I say it could be a ‘genius’ idea is that — for the first time — someone has come up with a way to have as many freakin’ Turtles as they want. I mean, if the TMNT are actually members of an alien race, there could be a whole PLANET of them!” That’s actually more horrible sounding that I had originally imagined.


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