Morning Meme: Trevor Donovan Returns To “90210,” Babydaddy Parties With Chris Colfer, and Seth Rogen Roasts Hollywood

Trevor Donovan is heading back to 90210 for one appearance this spring, and possibly more next season. There’s no word on what brings him back to Beverly Hills, just that Trevor Donovan“he’ll face a life-changing decision.”

This giant penguin from New Zealand was nearly the size of Kristin Chenoweth when it roamed the islands 25 million years ago.

Remember that sexy Liquid Plumber ad I ran last week? Well, One Million Moms is as upset about it as they were about Ellen DeGeneres and JC Penny.

I would really hate to have to give up Robot Chicken, but I don’t know that I can support Adult Swim picking up a series from Odd Future and the homophobe Tyler the Creator.

Kate WalshKate Walsh is famously uncensored. During the Oscar telecast, she tweeted “Dear Hollywood actresses, stop f**king up your faces, it’s looking [like] the bar scene in Star Wars.”

GLAAD is willing to honor any mainstream movie that gets a single thing right about being gay. “We’re not asking for a two-hour-long pitch-perfect exploration of the gay and lesbian experience—just a single accurate, believable detail that feels in any way telling or true-to-life.”

I know where I’m going to buy my vacation home.

There’s a rumor, to be taken with a boulder of salt that Benedict Cumberbatch is set to appear on Doctor Who as a very familiar character.

In possibly the most American headline ever written about television, “Amazing Race’s Dave and Cherie: We Never Thought It’d Come Down to Math.”

Because it’s classified as hearsay, the jury in the Dharun Ravi trial will never hear that Tyler Clementi requested a new roommate twice because Ravi was spying on him with a webcam. The university never investigated the allegations, so there’s no corroboration, what with Clementi having jumped from a bridge because of the spying.

Sheriff Paul Babeu, facing ever worse stories about his personal life, tells the Washington Blade that he is 110% in the race for Congress.  Perhaps in the most dramatic change, he’s expressed support for ENDA and for repeal of DOMA. So should the gay blogs stop digging into his past to gain an ally? Or should we keep digging because we want only the best representing us?Sheriff Paul Babeu

Brandon White’s attorney is slamming activists who suggest his client knew the men who beat him in front of an Atlanta grocery store and uploaded the video.

The Supreme Court has declined to hear the National Organization for Marriage’s appeal of Maine’s financial disclosure laws, effectively ending the legal battle NOM has been fighting to keep their secrets in Maine and many other states. I wouldn’t expect any disclosure anytime soon however unless U.S. Marshalls raid their offices, and probably not even then.Alan Ball

Alan Ball is stepping away from being the showrunner on True Blood at the end of this season. Ball will still have a supervisory role with the show, but will focus more on his other projects, like Banshee at Cinemax.

How News International is going to weather the ever-increasing storm on bribery and hacking is beyond me. Deputy police commissioner Sue Akers says that there “appears to have been a culture at The Sun of illegal payments.” One government official is said to have received at least $126,500 in payments for information. Meanwhile, a court has awarded singer Charlotte Church nearly $1 million for hacking her phones. The singer’s U.S. agent’s numbers have shown up as part of the investigation, which could allow lawsuits to spread to the United States.

JLo and CameronJennifer Lopez’s stylist says that there was no nip-slip on the Oscars. We’re still waiting for a response from @JLosNipple on Twitter.

Take a moment to read how Ohio State is forcing football players who loaf on the field or the weight room to wear a lavender jersey. Senior linebacker Etienne Sabino acknowledges the purpose of the program, “You don’t want to wear those.” Why? Because “forcing a player to wear a lavender jersey as punishment is patently homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, etc.  It takes a color that is feminine—and regularly associated with either women or the gay community—and assigns it to weakness, lack of commitment, or failure to work hard.  It is then used to demean and humiliate, you know, because the color is capable of emasculating even the manliest of men.” Not to mention the legal implications with Title IX.


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