Morning Meme: Vote Neil Patrick Harris, Janet on GaGa, Ignacio Talks Betty, and All Hail The Robot Skeleton Army!

Plus Grab Your Gonads, Pacman: The Movie, Idol Gives Back gives a reason to watch, and which obedience school trains puppies to fetch beer?

The Time 100 Poll of the most influential people is
up, and our Gay Man of the Decade Neil
Harris is up for the vote. Let’s make sure he ranks high, O.K.?
Vote, and tell your friends to move that slider to the right.

Remember the insane Rube Goldberg Machine from the last OK Go video?
Remember my undying love of Rube Goldberg Machines? Well, they’ve published the
floor plan for the one in their video, along with some backstage info.

Castle is about to have a
murder mystery
that guest stars Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars),
but the important thing is that it takes place around a Top Chef-like reality show. There’s got to be a gay somewhere,
right? With Top Chef’s history? Come
on, ABC, you owe us for Ugly Betty.

Speaking of Ugly Betty,
Tony Plano
(Ignacio) thinks ABC should have done more to save the show,
and should have counted the critical acclaim they’ve gotten more into the
equation about canceling the show. We agree with you!

Just a reminder, Ugly Betty is having an event and
accepting donations
to help America
build a school in Mali.

My favorite late April Fool’s Day story has to be Barack Obama Bought a Hummer. For a minute I was afraid
it was a hooker scandal, but then I remembered he was a Democrat.

The Lucille Lortel
are in for the best work done off-Broadway, and quite a few gay pieces
made the cut. The Tempermentals made
it for Outstanding Play and Outstanding Lead Actor for Michael Urie. Yank! got a
nod for Outstanding Musical and The Glass
picked up a nomination for Outstanding Revival. We may have
missed something as I haven’t been to New York for a couple years – audience?

This is not believed to be an April Fool’s joke: Neil Moritz, who’s wrapped
Green Hornet
, is looking to remake Look Who’s Talking. It was awful the first time, worse the second
time, and a crime against cinema by the end, so I have no idea why he’d
consider this unless he just hates me. And I don’t remember sleeping with his
significant other.

E! has a look at the ladies of Showtime’s The
Real L Word
. I hate to be blunt about this reality show, but I’m
going to bet based on the photo straight men are a demographic they’re aiming
for here.

I love Craig Ferguson,
but am rarely up late enough to watch. He calls his Twitter followers his “Robot Skeleton Army” which leads to Grant Imahara (MythBusters)
betting him if he got to 100k followers, he’d build Craig a robot sidekick for
the show. Well, getting Imahara to 100k followers took Craig 27 hours. The
robot will be delivered April 5th, and I will be staying up past my
bedtime to watch.

With the end of the Sopranos, Newark was able to
record the first murder-free month
in 44 years. Celebrate
the small victories.

Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, The Black Eyed Peas, Jeff
, and most importantly, Annie
will be performing on Fox’s Idol Gives Back

Let’s start with the fact that April 1-7 is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week. This is a huge deal to so many of our readers here at, so I’m encouraging each and every one of you to Grab Your Gonads!

Grabbing someone else’s gonads optional – but entertaining.

Now that you’ve had some quality time with your junk, the next portion of your physical is a drug test. Stare at this image:

I’m betting you failed.

If you weren’t out partying on whatever it is you just tested positive for, you could try this natural energy booster.

So old fashioned and takes too long

Then you’d be alert enough to do math other than Internet Math.

Wil Wheaton is of course Sheldon‘s nemesis on The Big Bang Theory. He’s also a funny guy, and former college roommate of Chris Hardwick who I’ve been drooling over for a few days weeks years. Someone had made him a recursive Wil Wheaton t-shirt that was pretty awesome in and of itself. But then someone animated the picture of Wil Wheaton wearing the Recursive Wil Wheaton t-shirt, and my writing starting going in circles.

Still, pretty cool though.

Analog cat scares me. Am I in the Kitty Matrix?

But this puppy is bringing me a beer, once and for all settling the argument about which is better, cats or dogs.

Or, if I’m in the Matrix, enough beers and I won’t care.

I’m not much of a gaymer. So I don’t know if this commercial for a Nintendo Gameboy Advance is years old or snot.  But somehow I can’t imagine a U.S. commercial objectifying a gamer like this.

Iron Man 2 will be better on IMAX. Or at least that’s what this new IMAX trailer wants you to believe. But it does have some scenes I hadn’t peeped before. I just love Tony Stark. I think I could watch a movie about Tony, even without Iron Man appearing. Just Tony wisecracking and drinking Scotch i can’t afford.

Janet Jackson loves Lady GaGa, but thinks she should slow down and enjoy the success. My inclination is to say mind her own business and let the Lady evolve, but being a Jackson, she does understand the price of fame better than most.

We know Monopoly, Battleship and Candyland are being turned into movies. Could something as simple as Pacman make the trip too? My impulse is to say no – until I watch this faux trailer for Pacman: The Movie.

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