Morning Meme: “Waiting Sucks,” Especially If You’re “Eating Out: The Open Weekend,” and Living an “American Horror Story”

Adam Lambert’s Glam
Nation Live
debuted at #1 on the Music DVD charts this week. I hope it’s
not in 3D, Adam wears too many spiky Adam Lambertthings.

Washington State passed a law to recognize marriage from other states as
domestic partnerships, and to fully recognize domestic partnerships from states
like Illinois. Baby steps.

Carson Daly took
to Twitter to express his outrage that Britney
people were demanding a pre-taped interview, with editing
rights before broadcast. I did a little checking, and I couldn’t find any
journalists who would agree to those terms.

Well, one way to deflect the hate from Rebecca Black was to have Miley
snipe “It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be
able to put a song on YouTube and go on tour.” Yeah, like be born to a
one-hit-wonder with a hunger to reclaim his fame through his offspring. That’s
the honorable path.

Denis O'HareOut scary man Denis O’Hare
may be back to ripping spines from folks, but now it would be in the Ryan
FX drama American Horror Story. Or not. Nobody knows what the show is

Bravo unveiled 11 new shows and several renewals yesterday. I
imagine Andy Cohen standing on a
soapbox (so people could see him) and doing his best gay Oprah Winfrey to a room
full of reality ‘mos. “You get a television show. And you get a new television
show.” Among the recipients are Brad
in It’s a Brad Brad World Jeff
in  Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, and
Chris March
in Mad

I had no idea that Keir
was such an outspoken HIV/AIDS activist.
He’s been donating clothes to HIV charities since he was a young teen, and now
he walks around giving out condoms to his friends. But Keir, buddy – I don’t
care how safe you’ve been with your girlfriend, you still have to get tested.
Things Keir Gilchristhappen.

I don’t know how I missed that hunky Jason Jones was playing the
overbearing husband
to Heather
on the Assistants
pilot. The star power in this thing is starting to get blinding for a sitcom.

Activist Mike Rogers has retired BlogActive
so he can focus on other projects. But I wouldn’t worry about Mike fading away
from the fight. Having met him last month, rest isn’t really in the guy’s

If you’ve ever watched Upstairs, Downstairs, you really have to go
read the interview
with Lesley-Ann
, who played Lady Georgina Worsely. She recalls the terrible pay,
living above a punk shop, and having to dub adult films from French to pay her
rent while working on the show.

I admit to Jason Segel Waltergiggling when Mike
got voted off Dancing
With the Stars
first week. Goodbye, asshat!

I’m cautiously optimistic that the Jason
Segel Muppet
movie won’t suck. He seems to understand
how important the characters are, “It was the hardest thing to get
made that I’ve ever been involved in. This is a relatively high budget for a movie
with puppets. It cost more than Sarah Marshall, I’ll tell you that.
And it’s such a beloved franchise. It was tricky to get everyone to agree on a
script, on a budget, on a concept.”


HBO has canceled In
I never could get into the show, but I did appreciate the gay
characters, and the storylines certainly original.Kathy Griffin

Matt Bomer just got a huge raise
White Collar, so he better come home with nice presents for those three kids of his.

The Monsters are going to school – the new Pixar prequel
will be called Monster University.

is going to host
Kathy Griffin’s Insightful and Hilarious Take
on the Royal Wedding.
Because she’s going to be totally respectful.

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