Morning Meme: We Go “Swinging With the Finkels,” Chris Evans Naked and Anne Hathaway Says “Meh”

As an entertainment writer, you come to expect that
publicists and behind-the-scenes folks will read what you write, but not often
do the A-list Catwomanstars read it. Or so they like to say in interviews. So when Anne Hathaway was sitting down for an
interview with MTV and mentioned she’d read MTV’s reaction to her Catwoman costume was “Meh,” I
can only imagine how cold the author of that post’s blood turned, especially
since he was in the room. But the good news is that we
haven’t even seen 10%
of what that costume can do, whatever that means.

I suppose it was inevitable, but Smurfs 2: Electric Smurfaloo
is set for August 2, 2013. But as of now, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t locked down. If he’s smart, he’ll jump on that train and ride it straight to the bank.
Those mega yachts don’t come cheap.

Maryland Governor
resisted heavy pressure from his own Catholic archbishop to
support marriage equality.

Jersey ShoreThe cast of Jersey Shore will have a cameo in The Three Stooges. Please let them
play nuns.

Mostly I want them to play nuns to watch Catholic League’s Bill Donohue’s head explode. It already must beclose to that after Time published a piece that included the following: “Having Standard & Poor’s downgrade the creditworthiness of the U.S., and
warn the country about further downgrades, is a little like having the
Catholic Church lecture Scout leaders on the proper behavior toward boys. The
moral authority seems to be wanting.”

Should liberals pull a page from the Republican playbook and
run a celebrity for President? Michael
thinks Matt Damon fits the bill fairly well.

Happy Endings is bringing on a recurring character of Glaze to play Dave‘s buddy. Which means even Derek Watersmore screen time for the least
interesting character on the show. But at least Derek Waters is cute.

I never got into Gilmore Girls, but people who loved
the show really, really love it. So they should be excited that the folks behind
Gilmore Girls are working on adapting The Nanny Diaries for

CBS is working on a remake of Bewitched. I’m horrified
on so many levels, and yet I’m curious how they think they could hide magic in
the age of surveillance cameras, smartphones and all the other technology.

Russia has an inflatable sex doll race.

 I’m completely
fascinated by this series of YouTube videos made by a solider who’s inching his way out of
the closet as the clock ticks away on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

I’m getting used to the idea of Ted Danson on CSI. But the plotlines are just ridiculous. One upcoming episode
borrows from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. “When a former
Abercrombie model named Chad gets down in the dumps over his weight gain, he
flings himself into a vat of chocolate and drowns. A chocolate mold of the poor
kid will be discovered by the CSI team, which requires the actor who plays this
role to have a body mold taken of his whole form.”

Nick ZanoHunky Nick Zano has booked a recurring role on 2 Broke Girls. Since Zano
is seldom booked for anything that requires him to wear a shirt, my interest in
the show just skyrocketed.

Ben Stiller is
moving forward with a project that’s about fake movie trailers, much in the same way he used
fake trailers throughout Tropic Thunder. The plan is to use
major stars in ridiculous plots.

The Chilean president has introduced a bill to recognize gay civil unions, giving
same sex couples many (but not all) of the same rights as married couples.

I’m sure this silly little thing will inspire great debate
and argument, but the Gay Cliques Census asks you a few quick questions about
your physical traits, then graphically matches you into your physical
classification, be that twink, muscle cub, otter, etc. Then you can see which
type your type is most compatible with. I kind of surprised myself coming up as
a “wolf” which I’ve never been called before. But I like what I seem
to be compatible with, so I’ll run with it. What clique are you in, and do you
agree? Let us know in the comments.

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