Morning Meme: What Scares Jayson Blair, Jake Shears Is Uncomfortable Naked, and Tom Hanks Brings Humor In His Michael Clarke Duncan Eulogy

In an interview promoting Thanks For Sharing, his sex addiction movie, Mark Ruffalo provides an update on Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart, Mark Ruffalo class="inline right" />which was supposed to have shot over the summer. “I’m expecting that to go in the spring; we couldn’t do it in the summer. Larry Kramer and Ryan have been working on this new draft, which is really good, and they’re able to do a lot more than even the play was able to do as far as sexuality and the real trials and tribulations of living with people in that time with AIDS and caring for them. I think it could be really powerful.”

The Romney campaign denies that Ann Romney is a speaker at the Voter Values Summit, put on by the Family Research Council, and anti-gay hate group, despite the fact that she appears on the agenda. Rep. Paul Ryan however, is confirmed.

An 18-year-old soldier fighting in Afghanistan has 9/11 explained to him by an older soldier. You know, this is a piece by The Onion, but wow, it really brings it home, doesn’t it?

Egyptians, enraged by trailers for a movie put out by Florida Pastor Terry Jones which reportedly depicts the prophet Mohammed as a homosexual and child predator, have stormed the U.S. Embassy and removed the flag.

I’m kind of fascinated by this discussion by men and women about how many sexual partners is O.K. to have, and if it differs by gender. The general consensus seems to be that if a woman goes over 10, there’s a problem (at least in perception), but for men it’s much higher, in the 25 range. Gay men (to generalize) often have quite a few partners, and you don’t see a lot of judgment on the subject. I honestly have no idea how many sexual partners I’ve had, but I do Jayson Blair class="inline left" />know that based on this, if I was a straight man, women would want nothing to do with me, because it’s up there (my twenties were fun, so sue me). I used to have a friend that answered the question “More than a hundred, but less than a thousand.” He was in his mid-twenties at the time, and it was an accurate answer for him. So how many is too many?

Jayson Blair of The New Normal says that Ellen Barkin pointing a gun at him is much scarier than filming scenes half naked on the show.

Rep. Barney Frank doubles down on calling the Log Cabin Republicans “Uncle Toms,” and adds that GOProud are “even more outlandish cousins.” Of course GOProud answers his rather lengthy argument of why people who only vote with their wallets are idiots with profanity, which I suspect is exactly what Frank wants.

An 18-year old man in Florida accidentally shot himself in the penis. Actually, he shot himself in the penis, left ball, and leg. Then he felt so stupid he lied about it to authorities, and claimed he was shot walking home … until he was found out.

In what has enraged the interwebs, NBC chose to talk to Kris Jenner about her boob job instead of observing the national moment of silence at 8:46 AM.

Peter LaBabera, of the anti-gay Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality is upset that while The New Normal is again portraying gayWashington nationals class="inline right" /> men in a positive light, no network has ever put a well adjusted ex-gay on television in a starring role. Good luck with that.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Washington Nationals hazing their rookies by making them dress in the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics uniforms. I understand tradition, but it really smacks of gender shaming to me. Am I being overly PC?

Celebrities like Ray Rice, David Boudia, and Katie Leclerc are just a few of the names designing t-shirts for a new Stop Bullying campaign.

I never read the Shannara series of fantasy books, but no one could miss the incredible shelf space they took up in a book store. Now the series is being adapted for a television series, which makes me wonder why no one tried Jake Shearsit before.

David Mixner takes time to ask Five Questions with Jake Shears. They talk bullying, confidence, and nudity, which Jake says he doesn’t do nearly as often as people think. I’m assuming he counts that football helmet as not being naked. Still, he says he’s not comfortable with his beautiful body. “If I seem comfortable with my body it’s just an illusion. I’ve absolutely fallen prey to the age old trope of the queen who’s obsessed with becoming some sort of porn star look alike. In some ways I’ve become exactly what I stood against when I was younger. Am I proud of that? Not particularly. But I think it’s because when I was a kid, and that includes my twenties, it was something I always wanted but wasn’t really able to have. I’m much happier feeling like a man than a boy.”Elfquest

Media Take Out, a real bottom dweller in celebrity gossip ran a winning headline stating “WHAT THE F*CK???? These NBA Ballers And Their GAY STYLISTS Are Really Going Overboard…Look How They Had NY Knicks TYSON CHANDLER Looking Fashion Week” They followed with a picture that was maybe the least outlandish outfit I’ve seen out of Fashion Week.

I’ve been told by many that I should mention that the new chapters of Elfquest are live on BoingBoing. I’ve never read Elfquest, but I understand the queer following is huge. Have at it!

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