Morning Meme: Why Don’t Video Game Characters Pee, Dustin Lance Black Talks “J. Edgar,” and Pat Robertson Encourages Divorce

While it’s a given that Rachel
lands the lead in the school musical on this season of Glee, the male lead is going to be a story arc, with Finn, Kurt, and … someone else competing for the role, and with Kurt
trying to convince everyone he can play a role like this. finn
Remember to keep spoilers out of the subject lines when you discuss.

I guess it hadn’t occurred to me, but despite being
married to Ellen DeGeneres, Portia wasn’t a U.S. citizen, at least until yesterday. Since her marriage isn’t
recognized at the federal level, in theory her visa could have expired at some

Just when I had lost my faith in humanity, you find a story about a server at the Chargers‘ game in San Diego dropping her entire stack of money
(over $1,000) over the ledge to the stands below. A fan up top shouted to the
mob below that it was the server’s money, and everyone grabbed the cash and
returned it all.

Crazy people who think radio waves make them sick are flocking to my home state of West Virginia to Beauty and the Beastlive in
the Quiet Zone, a 13,000 square mile region around the radio telescopes at

The CW is determined to reboot Beauty and the Beast from
the 1980s, but give it a procedural twist. Because what television needs is
another procedural.

Eight Amish men have been arrested for refusing to attach orange
reflective safety triangles to their carriages, saying it violates prohibitions
on bright colors.

Brad Pitt has an
interview in Parade this weekend which I find somewhat tasteless, as he
breaks his silence about Jennifer
. But I do like the fact he repeats that he is not planning to marry Angelina Jolie, “We’ll get married
when everyone can. We’re not splitting up.”

The New York Times declared It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
and SpikeTV’s Blue Mountain State to be the height of crass, but which one Blue Mountain Stateis
more tasteless?

Speaking of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,
FX has bought an animated series called Unsupervised from the
creators. The 13-episode order will feature voice talents of stars like Justin
and Kristen Bell playing teenagers navigating life without parents.

I was unaware that Astroglide was actually developed by NASA, along with these other nine
unconnected products.

Want to know all about Emmy host Jane Lynch? There’s an
for that.

The federal government has dramatically expanded the list of standard insurance codes
that physicians will use to report things to insurance companies.  If you’re crushed by a tuba, they’ll enter
Y93J4. If you run into a motorcycle while riding a horse, you can enter code
V8031XA, but not if it’s a car, because that code only covers vehicles up to
Dustin Lance Blackthree wheels.

Trials have successfully cured three patients with untreatable cancer by injecting
them with T-cells filled with disabled HIV-1 virus. In theory, it could be used
to cure HIV as well.

Dustin Lance Black,
looking incredibly sexy for Next magazine, talks about the
reading for his play 8, and also about just how gay J. Edgar is, which again
seems to conflict with what Clint
said. “We all wanted to find out what really happened. What
was his sexuality. What did it look like. I wanted to get to the truth of his
political work and the things that deserve applause and things that were
heinous. The gay stuff was only ever going to be a third of it. It’s not Milk,
but it’s there. When I finished a draft I liked, and think I got to what the
truth is, it’s a story that reflects what gay life was like pre-Stonewall,
which was very different from what it looked like for Harvey Milk. That’s the
script Clint and the studio read and I’ll tell you what—not only did Clint and
the studio never cut or change a word, they never had a note about it. Clint
said some things that were so incredibly moving that he understood the struggle
young gays go through today.”

Rep. Buck McKeon
(R-CA) and Rep. Joe “You Lie!”
(R-SC) have sent a letter asking the Secretary fo Defense to stop
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal because “the risk of moving forward with
repeal without giving service members and their leaders adequate time to study,
Arthur Evansunderstand and prepare themselves to implement the revised policies and regulations
they will need to be successful.” Haven’t we been doing just that for
months, if not years? Secretary Panetta
denied the request.

Arthur Evans,
early leader in the fight for equality, has died at age 68.

Congratulations to my friend Bil Browning, who has joined the Board of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. His goal with the
move is to help bridge the gap between the venerable organization and new

Dancing With tBlythe Dannerhe StarsLouis
Van Amstel
thinks we can do a lot to improve the world if we’d just stop labeling people.

Congratulations to Rod
, who has published his first piece in Ebony Magazine called “Making
It Work: Black Same Sex Couples Raising Kids in the South.” The entire
issue looks to deal with same-sex issues, and I look forward to reading it.

This poor little baby seal is so cute.

Blythe Danner is set to play Christina
mother on Up All Night. Which is sad, because
the show, at least based on the pilot, is just awful. It became the first
recording I removed from my DVR of the season.

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