Morning Meme: “Wilde Salome'”s Queer Lion, Ricky Gervais Counterprograms the Golden Globes, and NPH Is a Evil Singing Dolphin

The Venice International Film Festival has awarded Al Pacino’s Wilde Salome their Queer
Lion prize.Al Pacino

Look, I’m the first to crack a Justin Bieber joke, but this hit piece, Does Justin Bieber Have Gender Identity Issues? is beyond tacky.
And the author claims to be a doctor. I’m guessing from the same institution of
higher learning that produced Fox’s Dr.
Keith Ablow

This Catholic mom is afraid to leave her house for fear of seeing
something gay. She was recently scandalized by “one gay couple was engaged
in inappropriate ‘elbow-rubbing.’ Another lesbian couple was hugging in a way
that was ‘clearly not friendly.'” Honestly, I don’t want to call her a
bigot, because she’s obviously in need of help.

In news from Austalia that is yet to be authenticated, a graphic that appeared after the finale for Torchwood: Miracle Day said Captain Jack would return in 2012.

The SituationsJust last month, The Situation was offered an undisclosed sum of money by Abercrombie & Fitch
to stop wearing their clothes. Now he is attacking the same company for profiting off of his
image with shirts emblazoned with “The Fitchuation.” Excuse me, I
need to go burn the remaining A&F in my closet.

According to preacher Michael
L. Brown
, gay activists are complicit in the murder of Lawrence King because we encourage
people to come out. So while maybe King wasn’t asking for it, we were all
asking for someone to take a gun, carry it, and shoot a child.

Actor Cliff Robertson
has passed away at age 88.

As legislators in North Carolina attempt to sneakily take up
a constitutional ban on gay marriage, Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes and his partner Sean Eldridge have pledged $10 to Equality NC for
every Facebook “like” the group gets between now and Tuesday.

Our sister site is ending operations September 30, with many of
its most popular features being rolled into other Logo properties. Jennifer Vanasco reflects on the site’s

Portia de Rossi may be heading back to television in a pilot for NBC
produced by her wife, Ellen DeGeneres.
The Ellen and Portiashow would focus on two dueling sisters, one played by Portia.

I haven’t seen Patton
new Showtime comedy special yet, but Queerty has some details of his horrible experience
auditioning for the “gay best friend” in a romantic comedy, and has
his interesting take on Biblical objections to marriage equality. Set your DVRs!

Sure, we tend to think of convertibles as something for
summer, but during the summer, I’d rather be bathed in air
conditioning than baking in the sun. So fall is actually perfect for dropping the top
and going leafing. Brett Berk, the man who helped me find the perfect car, has five new convertibles you should consider.

Ryan Seacrest is
eyeing VH1 Soul as a possible placee to launch his own network, because there are still Kardashians who don’t have their own

It’s still unclear if Ricky
will be asked back to host the Golden Globes next year, but if he’s
not, he’s Ricky Gervaisconsidering getting comedians together to live podcast the event thereby shredding the broadcast, the host,
the winners, and Hollywood in general. All in real time.

Righthaven, the
highly questionable copyright attack firm that’s taken out multiple gay
activist blogs with aggressive settlement demands on highly dubious claims, is
now pleading poor and advising it may have to file for bankruptcy if it keeps
losing cases and being ordered to pay legal fees.

Fox Searchlight has acquired the North American rights to the Michael Fassbender sex addiction film Shame.
It’s unclear what release strategy they might employ for a film that would liekly be
rated NC-17.

Odd Future, and
their homophobic leader Tyler the
, have been given a show on Adult Swim. Rick WeltsAnd now I need
something else to watch as I fall asleep, because Adult Swim and I are done

Openly gay Phoenix
President Rick Welts is resigning just months after coming out. But he’s going
to lengths to say it’s not what it looks like. He’s got a boyfriend with children in Sacramento, and being out and
open finally allows him to move there and pursue a future for himself. He
sounds so hopeful.

Thanks to an interview that is part of an upcoming book, we can gain some insight into why Mel Gibson, of Justin Timberlake 3way Gagaall people, has announced plans for a film about
Jewish hero Judah Maccabee.

The Creative Arts Emmys were held Saturday night, and Glee picked up two
awards. So You Think You Can Dance snagged three, and Justin Timberlake actually picked up two for Saturday Night Live,
moving him one step closer to the EGOT. 
Well, he went to the U.S. Open rather than bothering to show up to collect his Emmy, but I’m
sure they’ll mail him something.

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