Morning Meme: Zach Wahls Shouldn’t Have To Defend His Family, “AbFab” Gets a Date, and “Toddlers & Tiaras” Emulates RuPaul

I used to spend a lot of time sneering at the Jonas brothers, but as they’ve gotten older (and a little less squeaky clean), I find their ability to not take themselves seriously quite endeariNick Jonasng. Like Nick Jonas as the deadbeat dad on Last Man Standing, still having to show off his voice.

Zach Wahls went viral speaking in Iowa about his gay moms. This past weekend, his speech went viral a second time, reaching 15 million views. He’s taking some time off from college to finish a book and continue his activism. “I happen to be a go-getter student-turned-activist speaking out in defense of his moms, but this isn’t—and shouldn’t be—the norm. Nobody wants to spend all of his or her time defending his family, and I’m looking forward to mine no longer needing defending.”

Wait – I knew soccer players played grab ass, took off their shirts, and hugged a lot, but when did they start making out on the field?

Gavin Creel has releaseMichael Jacksond a new anthem on iTunes called “Noise” about equality, with proceeds going to Broadway Impact. He promises a video soon, but the track is already in heavy rotation on my iPhone.

If you enjoyed all the Jackson family music on last night’s Glee, get ready, because they’re planning a Michael Jackson tribute episode for next year with 10-12 songs being cleared by the Jackson estate.

PETA is probably going to torpedo removing sodomy from the UCMJ because the bill language strikes out prohibitions on most types of sex, including bestiality, which civilian statutes already protect against. It’s arrogant moments like this that destroy any goodwill I have towards PETA.

Chris Meyers, the married (Republican) mayor of Medford Township, NJ has finally resigned in the wake of a rentboy scandal that broke in October.

I’ve known for a couple of weeks, but it’s now official: the first Absolutely Fabulous special will premiere in the U.S. simultaneously on Logo and BBC America on January 8th at 10 PM EST.

People do drugs like meth for a lot of reasons, but the reasons are never as simple as people who have never done them make them out to be. And that’s how you can go gay-for-pay during addiction and have it not be really about the money.Hogwarts

While Adele‘s rider does specify American cigarettes (Marlboro), she will not accept a national brand of American beer like Miller or Budweiser in her dressing room. I always knew the girl had taste.

It’s official: Universal Studios is expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Hollwyood and possibly other locations around the world.

“Super-sexual” gay adult film star Zeb Atlas is going to guest on Showtime’s laughable Gigolos this Thursday night to ask the male hookers why they don’t like money. Because the money is in escorting for male clients, not the female clients  like they specialize in.

Own an HTC Vivid? Well, Vivid Entertainment, the adult company, sent a cease and desist letter to HTC over the name, and the company has a habit of suing for less than that.

Louis Vuitton makes a condom that sells for $68. It better eliminate the need to seek out a partner for that price.

Newt Gingrich Parker Youngis still defending his child labor plan, admitting that children “shouldn’t work in coal mines.” Which is a real shame, because shorter kids would be really useful in the increasingly narrow seams that are left. Meanwhile, Donald Trump wants to make a reality show out of children mopping the bathrooms in their elementary schools.

ABC has ordered a pilot for a show about a family who moves into an exclusive gated community only to discover all the other residents are aliens disguised as humans.

Robin Givens has been cast as Dallas‘ nemesis on Suburgatory, and this is a list of ten secrets of the show, but what I don’t see is when we’ll see Parker Young’s abs and coin slot again.Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin was thrown off an American Airlines flight for playing Words With Friends while allegedly at the gate, not moving. It’s become a viral sensation of its own.

Michael Bay is in negotiations to direct a fourth Transformers film. They must have promised him a real city to blow up.

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