Morning Meme:Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Love Scene With NPH, Cazwell Says “Unzip Me” and “Sherlock Holmes 3″

Eric Bana is going to play Elvis
opposite Danny Huston’s Richard Nixon in a movie about the
legendary meeting between the two Eric Banamen. Presley wanted to be named a Federal
Agent at Large in the war on drugs. To make it all slightly more surreal, Cary Elwes will be directing.

Another weekend, another Republican politician ends up with pictures on the internet
of him lounging on a cheap hotel bed in his underwear, reportedly taken by
spurned rentboy.

While I personally identify with this essay Generation X Is Sick of Your BullSh*t, it occurs to me if I
cheer too loudly, Generation Y is going to scream and moan so loud that it
proves the point.

The White House has no comment on the death of gay rights legend Frank Kameny, despite having honored
him only a year prior.

Darren Criss is
stepping out in support of
Trevor Project

For all the gramRobert Downey Jr.mar Nazis in my reading audience,
Merriam-Webster would like to ruin your day while I laugh maniacally.

Warner Bros. is already making preparations for a Sherlock Holmes 3 by
hiring Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce.
I hope they call in RuPaul to help Robert Downey, Jr. with his drag in the
next one, because he needs a whole semester in Drag U.

I love this list of 20 Zero-Effort, High Concept Halloween Costumes, and would
try them, but I’m afraid someone might mistake me for a hipster. They shoot
hipsters on sight in West Virginia.

Senator Al Franken
says he withheld his Student Non-Discrimination Act because
it threatened to scuttle the entire funding bill in committee, but plans to
introduce it as an amendment on the floor of the Senate, and believes it can
pass, which only works in Congressional logic.

Tom Hanks is preparing another HBO series (beyond producing American
). Players will focuLuke Evanss on college athletes. Can I suggest
wrestlers? I really like watching college wrestlers.

Paranormal Activity 3 won the box office with an astonishing $54 million opening.
Three Musketeers
, with its allegedly lackluster marketing, opened to a
disappointing $8.8 million.

I’m still not personally sure what to make of Occupy Wall
Street, even if I think I like it. But two unique thought experiments on the
topic caught my eye. First was by author/futurist Charles Stross, who views it through the lens of society’s growth
to a post-wealth phase. The second is from Russell
, who writes a remarkable piece about the movement that rather shocked

Puppeteer Kevin Nash
rats out all the celebrities who cry when performing with Elmo. Except Ricky Gervais,
who evidently just wants to discuss necrophilia with the puppet.

In the wake of the horrible massacre at the exotic animal
park in Ohio, PETA is asking filmmakers to put a warning on Matt
upcoming movie We Bought a Zoo. They have a valid
point that it takes more than love and a desire to do the right thing to keep
animals, and I almost agree with them. But then I remember that in this economy,
nobody canMatt Smith afford to buy parakeet, much less a zoo.

In case you were wondering, the 10 trillionth digit of pi is “5.”

Would Matt Smith seriously leave Doctor Who after he finishes filming
in 2012? It really does feel like they’re cycling through actors too quickly
since the show came back.

In the list of the shows commanding the highest advertising rate, it’s not surprising to see Sunday Night Football and American Idol dominating the list. But it is refreshing to see Glee at #6 and Modern Family at #10.

Well, it worked for Patch Adams. And Children’s Hospital seems
to keep getting renewed.

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