Morning Meme:”Warehouse 13″‘s “Trick,” Trevor Donovan Respects His “90210″ Story, and Pepper Arrives On “Modern Family”

Plus Scott Pilgrim surprises, bad news on Prop 8, and which Brothers & Sisters character are you?

So, by now you know that the 9th Circuit has
stayed Judge Walker’s decision. They
have the appeal on an expedited schedule, with first briefs due September 17th,
and every 30 days after that, with a hearing on December 6. Sadly, this is
light speed for the American judicial system, so I guess we should be grateful.
Olsen and Boies don’t seem fazed in the least.

In other bad news on the gay front, Target has announced
that it will not be
making a matching donation to the HRC
or other gay causes to “balance the
books.” I’m actually O.K. with this, because it felt like extortion to me. If
they can think thru future actions better, that’s probably the best we can hope
for. The HRC is going to commit $150,000 of its own money to pro-equality
candidates in Minnesota.

A zoo in the Netherlands has hired sexy (and frequently
naked, judging by Google) Olympic gymnast Epke Zonderland to
teach its orangutans how to swing
. It seems the old enclosure didn’t have
tree tops for the orangutans to swing from like they would in nature, and they
don’t know how. So the gymnast is to go inside and hope they copy him.

You can go answer some questions at ABC and find out which Brothers &
personality type you are
. Sadly, Scotty isn’t an option, but Saul
and Kevin are. Turns out I’m a Nora. What are you? Share in the

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater is now represented by Hollywood power mogul and coming out
specialist Howard Bragman. His 15
minutes have just been extended to 22, but Howard will take at least 30%, so he
only gained 40 seconds.

An evening spent with Johnny
involve him looking at guys’ junk on Grindr
, but it won’t involved any
answers about his sex life, other than the one he has with himself. That, he’ll
tell you about.

PopEater got quotes from GLAAD and Out to make
their case that Neil Patrick Harris
is the Most Important Gay Man In History. It might actually be
true. But I don’t think it needs to be stated like that. He’s about to become a
dad, why stress him out?

About an hour from where I live, police arrested a man for
pleasuring himself in a public park while bouncing an armless mannequin on his
lap. You
really need to see the mugshot
for the full effect to hit you.

Two months ago HBO canceled the Life & Times of Tim. Yesterday, they uncanceled it. I watched it for three
episodes and found it just awful – not worthy of TBS, much less HBO.

Trevor Donovan tweeted a very well thought out (and long!)
piece about how a gay character’s story is still just a story, and how it will
be written to be an organic change for Teddy. It’s well worth
reading his words

On Friday, snicks showed you some disturbing ads for a
karate school in Florida, with a kid in heels in one, and the same little boy
putting on makeup in another. It turns out those should never have seen the
light of day. Bilerico contacted Zubi
Ad Agency
, which has a motto of “Erase Stereotypes.” The ads were put on
an internal server, were never approved by a managing partner for the client to
see, much less run. They’re treating it as a teachable moment for the creative
who designed them.

Oliver Platt has joined X-Men: First Class as The Man In Black. This on the heels of DamagesRose Byrne joining as Moira
, and Ironclad’s Jason Flemyng is going to play Azazel. Kevin Bacon is confirmed to be playing a villain, some are saying
it’s Sebastian Shaw, but that’s not
confirmed. Regardless, with a sprawling cast like this, Six Degrees of Kevin
Bacon has just taken on a new generation.

Justin Long’s nude scene in Going the
was an accident
– during a take when he was wearing a towel he
gestured with the wrong hand and the towel dropped, exposing his junk to Christina Applegate. Based on her
expression, the director decided to keep it – after doing a dozen more takes of
Long doing full frontal.

Scott Pilgrim vs. Springfield. You have to read the character
descriptions, not just look at the drawings. Wallace caused me to choke.

sketches are up for Dorothy of Oz
including Lea Michele’s Dorothy.

This woman had to be escorted from Starbucks because she refused to specify if
she wanted butter or cream cheese for her bagel. She’s not a champion of
precise language, because past experience says she’s just an asshat. You really
need both news stories to get a full picture.

Rooney Mara will
play Lisbeth in the remake of The Girl with
the Dragon Tattoo
. You may now resume your lives – Lisbeth has been

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