Neil Patrick Harris’ Hot 100 Picks! A Farrell, a Franco, a Phillippe, and Proof Neil’s a Total Romantic!

We’ve been asking out male celebrities to share their top 10 picks for this year’s Hot 100 list, and so far we’ve heard from Scott Evans, John Amaechi, Cheyenne Jackson, Brad "Cheeks" Bell, Nick Adams, Michael Ausiello and Nick Rodriguez.

And today we have none other than last year’s Hot 100 winner Mr. Neil Patrick Harris! (Oh, and he was our Gay Man of the Decade as well!) 

Here are the men who make the How I Met Your Mother star say, "Oh, yeah!"

Nick Jonas, Ryan Kwanten, Channing Tatum

#10) Nick Jonas – I know, I know. He’s young – I’m not supposed to. But I can’t help it. He’s got those bedroom eyes…

#9) Ryan Kwanten – Not only is he crazy sexy, but one gets the chance to see him in all of his nakedness weekly on HBO.

#8) Channing Tatum – Shared a hot tub with Channing and Mr. Burtka at Adam Shankman’s Laguna Beach pad two summers back. Nothing naughty transpired, but ’twas a visual strongly seared into my skull.

James Franco, Taye Diggs, Ryan Reynolds


#7) James Franco – Sat in the second row of a show I did in London. Wrote me a letter afterward saying nice things, which I’m pretty sure means that he’s in love with me.

#6) Taye Diggs – Total charmer, coolest guy, and a father to one of the more beautiful babies around. What a smile…

#5) Ryan Reynolds – One day I watched him working out at the gym wearing jeans! Jeans! And you know what? He pulled it off. (The look, not the jeans.)

Colin Farrell, David Williams, Ryan Phillippe

#4) Colin Farrell - Sex to the E. Screen tested with him once for a film, utterly distracted. He just oozes hot.

#3) David Williams – Oh, there’s so, so much to say about him, but I’ll just go with: Guuuuuh…!

#2) Ryan Phillippe – Still remember being, er, moved by him in I Know What You Did Last Summer. What a body. I tried wearing that ‘white tank top and dog tags’ look for a week or so. Couldn’t quite do it justice.

and my number one pick:

#1) David Burtka – He’s the total package (Yeah, I did.) Singer, dancer, chef, brilliant actor and, hands down, one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I’m very lucky to have him in my life.

Don’t forget, Hot 100 voting closes tonight

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