New Kid Jonathan Knight outed by “National Enquirer”

File this under "Gossip" for now, obviously.

The venerable National Enquirer is running a tell-all (with photos) from the alleged ex-boyfriend of New Kids on the Block frontman Jonathan Knight. Boyculture has the details on Kyle Wilker, the Brazilian model who met the singer on Fire Island and dated him for 18 months before the romance fizzled and he was driven into the arms of the Enquirer for support.

Interestingly, the Enquirer was also behind the outing of Chad Allen. And Knight was the New Kid that all the girls (including fellow mall-star Tiffany) had the crushes on.

It’s a sad, sad day for anyone who was once a 12-year-old girl in a BUM Equipment sweatshirt and ratted bangs.  We’re reserving judgment until Knight addresses the claims, but we’re breaking our Z Cavariccis out of cold storage just in case!

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