New Music Mix: Rumer, Nervo, Nick Cannon’s Boy Band and More!

British singer/songwriter Rumer


In anticipation for the US release of the album debut Seasons of My Soul by British singer/songwriter Rumer on January 24th, 2012, the artist performed a small set of US dates this fall.

I got to catch Rumer perform at the Rockwood Stage in New York City on October 26th and I attended the show with my good girl friend Laverne Cox. We both were blown away by how seamlessly talented this artist is.

I was familiar with Rumer’s music, having an advance copy at the start of the summer, but Laverne was hearing her for the first time, and both of us were squealing to meet the artist by the end of show and were gushing her praises.

Rumer’s gift at singing is so effortless and natural that she could be singing your grocery list and it would sound spectacular. For those of you, like myself, who missed out on the chance to catch Adele’s US Tour this past year, consider attending one of Rumer’s future shows, as she’s on track for having a similar career.



This Thanksgiving, while also spending time with friends and my main squeeze, I finished the holiday catching the live DJ set at Pacha NYC by the world’s reigning female DJ’s – sisters Mim & Liv NERVO. The girls were incredible. Over the years I’ve attended numerous DJ sets by some of the greats, Benny Benassi, Kaskade, and Afrojack to name a few, and can say with surety that there is something refreshing and special about a NERVO show.

They take the experience of a live DJ set and add to it an element of femininity while capturing the audience in a fashion not many DJ’s can. Click HERE for NERVO’s upcoming Tour Dates!

Take a look into the world of NERVO as I sit down with Liv Nervo in the following Interview.

Liv (left) and Mim Nervo

AferElton: So you are currently still in NYC right now, is that correct?
Liv Nervo:
We’re actually back in LA right now. We’re at the Capitol Tower building today. I love this building. I love feeling the history here.

AE: So what brings you in to the office?
We came to LA for a day to do some meetings. We’re getting ready to release our EP and we’re getting a few remixes done.

AE: On your EP will both you and your sister be singing and what will your sound be like?
We are both singing. It’s something we’re really proud of. It’s very different, not straight up club. The melodies and writing are quote “pop.” Some people have been calling us Empire of the Sun meets The Ting Tings.

AE: You’ve just named two of my favorite artistic acts in the past two years. I’ve had a chance to listen to your debut single “We’re All No One,” talk to me about the meaning behind the song.
It’s a really beautiful message actually, it’s basically about how you can try so much in life and have all these wonderful experiences but we’re all no one until someone thinks that’s we’re someone: how things mean less until you can share them with someone. I really love the meaning actually. Gosh I turned all hippie for a second (laughs)

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