New “The Great Gatsby” Posters: Do They Earn Our Green Light?

We won’t be able to see Baz Luhrmann‘s hotly anticipated version of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, and Isla Fisher until May 10 of next year, but that gives us plenty time to answer an important question: Do we care about this damn thing?

Before you decide, take a close look at the new poster of Maguire as protagonist Nick Carraway, as well as the recently released one-sheets featuring Joel Edgerton, Fisher, and Elizabeth Debicki in their decadent jazz age garb.

Here’s what’s exciting: These are ridiculously over-the-top costumes. I mean, you’d think this was a remake of Clue, right? In her scarlet gear, Isla Fisher is even pulling off some Lesley Ann Warren eyebrow choreography. It’s Baz Luhrmann, so of course we’re subject to Prismacolor flashiness. Yayyy. Also: The Mia Farrow Great Gatsby is so memorably terrible that I’m psyched for any cinematic overhaul.

But I’m also not a Moulin Rouge or Romeo + Juliet superrfan, so I can’t be sure Luhrmann will give the material the existential heft it needs to be great. So far it looks like “Baz against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the pastel cinematography.” And Leonardo DiCaprio as yet another twisted aristocrat? But with more glitter? They may as well call this movie, “The world under J. Edgar’s dress.” Glamor, darlings! And trauma!

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