New York’s 39 Hottest Guys in Theater!

A little over two years ago, brought readers a list of the 37 Hottest Guys in Theater, and since then, the New York Stage has only become increasingly sexified. The lines between Broadway and Hollywood continue to blur, and as young men come to recognition in NYC, they’re often quickly whisked away to Tinseltown to showcase not only their amazing talent, but often they’re breathtaking good looks.

While it’s tempting to include every Hollywood hottie who graces the stage on this list (a certain Lee Pace and Luke Macfarlane spring to mind), the point here is to honor the men who are mostly known for rockin’ the live stages here in New York.

And so, without further ado, we present, in alphabetical order, the list (39!) of this year’s hottest guys in theater!

Nick Adams

A perennial AfterElton favorite, the muscular, openly gay Nick first made waves a few years ago when he starred opposite Mario Lopez in A Chorus Line … and was asked to wear a sweatshirt instead of a tank top so his physique wouldn’t outshine the former wrestling champion of Bayside High. Since then, he’s booked a ton of magazine covers, not to mention roles in Guys and Dolls, The Pirate Queen, La Cage Aux Folles … and his scene-stealing role as Felicia in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. What’s that sound you hear? Oh, that’s just A.C. Slater crying into his protein shake.

Dave August

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right. Devastatingly handsome Dave August has a few credits under his belt (on the rare occasion he’s wearing a belt … or pants), but his star-making turn was really in the sassy, brassy nudie revue, Naked Boys Singing. It’s not easy to steal a show in which every one of your costars is naked, but Dave managed to turn plenty of heads in his time with the show, and has since become a frequent performer in the annual charity striptease show, Broadway Bares.

Will Bradley

In the summer of 2010, Will Bradley wowed theater-goers when he played one of the leads in The Twentieth Century Way, a dizzyingly fast-paced two-man tour-de-force that had Bradley playing a staggeringly eclectic handful of different characters, and doing so expertly. Though all the accolades were well-deserved, it also didn’t hurt that Bradley is super easy on the eyes, and he even stripped down to his birthday suit by the end of the play.

Reeve Carney

It’s impossible to mention Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark without eliciting at least a few giggles at the show’s rather unstable history, but one thing is for sure: leading man Reeve Carney, who plays the lead role of Peter Parker, is one cute super-hero. 

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