“One Life to Live” adds a gay love story starring an out actor

Scott Evans and Brett Claywell (Pics: Getty)

Boy, the tidal wave of gay that has been sweeping through daytime isn’t showing any signs of ebbing, as now One Life to Live has announced that it will be outing two existing male characters, one of whom is played by a gay actor who has caught our attention before.

According to soaps journo Nelson Branco, OLTL will soon reveal that Officer Fish (Scott Evans) and Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) had a sexual encounter in college, and will have them rekindle their intimate relationship, which will then be challenged when another gay character, Griffin, arrives. (The role of Griffin is casting now.)

But that’s just half of it: The real news for some may be that Scott Evans is, indeed, the openly gay brother of hotstuff movie actor Chris Evans, whom we’ve mentioned before in our Celebrity Gay Brothers features.

Following the immense success of As the World Turns‘ gay couple and the new gay goings-on on The Young & the Restless, this great news is another sign that the status quo is indeed shifting.
Thanks to our soapsmeister Anthony Langford for the tip, and be sure to keep up-to-date on all three storylines with his weekly Gays of Our Lives column!

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