“One Life to Live” to be canceled, “Kish” to “All My Children”?

The world of daytime soaps which saw the loss this year of Guiding Light and will quite likely see the cancellation of As the World Turns next year, continues to be rocked by change and rumor.

Nelson Branco is reporting that One Life to Live is likely to be canceled next year. In fact, Branco says an insider told him the show only barely escaped cancelation this year when ABC Daytime President Brian Frons had to choose between OLTL and a new daytime talk show. When the new talk show scored poorly with audiences, OLTL was given a temporary reprieve. 

The news isn’t all bad for fans of Oliver Fish (Scott Evans) and Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) as Branco’s insider says that Evans and Claywell, along with Trevor St. John, Kassie DePaiva and Michael Easton will likely jump over to ABC soap All My Children. No mention was made of the fate of OLTL‘s third gay character Nick Chavez (Nicholas Rodriguez).

The addition of "Kish" to AMC would not be the first time the show has had gay or lesbian characters. Back in 2000, Bianca Montomgery (Eden Riegel) came out and over the next decade her character participated in a number of high profile storylines, not all of which were popular with lesbian viewers.

Then in 2006, the show also added the character of Zoe/Zarf, daytime television’s first transgender character. While still a man, Zarf fell in love with Bianca, another plotline many lesbian viewers disliked feeling it was a way to avoid Bianca’s lesbianism. 

Branco offered no details on which of OLTL‘s creative team might also move to AMC so it’s impossible to know how much screentime Oliver and Kyle might get or how the show would integrate them into AMC‘s current landscape. Given how much prominence the current Kish storyline has received on OLTL (as well as an upcoming storyline garnering much attention), it’s hard to believe Kish would be as prominent on AMC

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