“Out” Magazine Lays Off Entire Editorial Staff. What Does The Future Hold For The Iconic Gay Publication?

Out Magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, but it appears there are rough times ahead for the venerable gay publication, as CapitalNewYork.com is reporting that the entire editorial staff is being laid off with one month’s severance as of this Friday.

However, Editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin says it’s not the end of the magazine, and the firings are not part of a cost-cutting measure, because he plans on hiring back “most” of the editors when the publication moves to its new digs at Grand Editorial.

He said he plans to offer long-term contracts at Grand to “most” of his 12 editorial employees at Out. Should any of them take it, he said, the gig will come with flexible hours and the opportunity to work on other projects in the Grand stable, but not full-time salaries or benefits. (They will be contracted freelancers.)

But it’s not a cost-cutting measure.

The big question is: How much longer can gay print media last? Do you still read gay magazines? I mean the non-porn kind. With the world now in a 24-hour news cycle, how much longer until it becomes just another relic?

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