Out on DVD: Scissor Sisters’ Hurrah! A Year of Ta-Dah

Today is a day for fans of costume-loving, glam-rocking, gaytastic music lovers to celebrate: the documentary DVD Hurrah! A Year of Ta-Dah hits shelves just in time for the holidays.

The DVD shares the last year of the Scissor Sisters‘ tour to promote their new album, and is essential viewing for anyone who wants to know more about what makes this fab five tick. Although the group is from New York City, the bulk of their sequin-drenched fame has come from fans in Europe and the UK, which has been a source of mucho frustration for fans Stateside who haven’t been able to see the band on tour or see many of their overseas promotional efforts.

The core of the DVD is the group’s insanely glamorous final tour show in London (complete with giant bobblehead versions of the band members and a giant light-up stage shaped like their scissorlegs logo), but it also features the videos from the Ta-Dah album and a documentary that follows the band across the continent.

I’m a fan of the band and thought their second album, which received a warm response critically but was considered by many to be a misstep after their debut smash, was sheer brilliance. And even though I’m familiar with the band, the candid behind-the-scenes footage made me love them even more.

If you’ve got any music lovers on your Christmas gifting list, this one’s a sure bet. And be sure to check it out yourself, whether you feel like dancin’ or no. I’ve included the brilliant, puppetry-assisted one-take video of the single “She’s My Man” after the break (be sure to check out the DVD for a segment on how they pulled it all off).

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