Pic Post! “Ugly Betty” is back, and we’ve got pics and spoilers from the first episode!

Like most Ugly Betty fans, I was disappointed when ABC moved the series to the ratings wasteland of Friday night, and perplexed when the network decided to push back the season premiere a week.

If it seems that the odds are stacked against our favorite plucky Latina to survive this season, we can at least look on the bright side! We don’t have to choose between it and Southland any more. Thanks, Jay Leno!

(All pictures courtesy ABC/PATRICK HARBRON)

If you just can’t wait until Friday, 8:00 PM EST, we have some spoilers for the two-hour season premiere below, but be warned … they’re, um, spoilery. 

In the first hour, "The Butterfly Effect" Part I, Betty finds that everything is changing as she begins her new job as associate features editor, especially since her boss is her ex-boyfriend, Matt Hartley, who is still unhappy about their breakup. In addition, Betty’s new officemate, Megan (Smith Cho), openly resents her, while Marc is constantly undermining her because he felt he was more deserving of the promotion.

Meanwhile, without Betty as his assistant, Daniel is adrift, still mourning the loss of his wife, Molly. Betty tries to help Megan out on an assignment and connects with a thoughtful insect jewelry designer, Olivia (Lynn Redgrave), while Justin starts high school and is victimized by bullies-but won’t tell his mom, Hilda.

Claire Meade is finding that her power struggle at the company has her sitting pretty – for the moment – opposite Wilhemina, who lost her claim to the Meade throne last season. But Willi has perhaps an even bigger problem than job security – she is harboring a secret at home that is driving Marc to distraction.

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